24 Things You'll (Insha'allah) Relate To If You've Lived In The Gulf

    No one does shawarmas like them, for one.

    1. You have extremely high standards for shawarmas.

    2. And unreasonably strong opinions about them too.

    3. You have had to explain the geography of the Middle East countless times to people.

    4. You don't complain about the heat unless it's 45 degrees-plus.

    5. You have an unhealthy obsession with Chips Oman and know there is nothing better.

    6. Unless you're a heathen and you prefer Sohar Chips instead. Monster.

    7. Laban forms a weird amount of your diet.

    8. You own at least one device with a beautiful Arabic keyboard.

    9. You aren't affected by fancy cars and malls. Eh.

    10. You can't speak any Arabic, but say "Insha'allah" when you're hopeful...

    11. And "Masha'allah" when your friends look bomb.

    12. You're a hookah hog for life.

    13. Your eyes light up when you think of heading to Lulu for groceries.

    14. You loved getting your tongue red after drinking some Shani.

    15. You're still not used to the week starting from Monday.

    16. Your knowledge of Bollywood has come from reruns of movies on Zee Aflam.

    17. Your heart always skips a beat when someone says "Beebsi".

    18. You hear the word "Yalla" and are filled with motivation.

    19. You always feel like home when you smell the faint scent of oudh anywhere in the world.

    20. Your idea of McDonald's is waaaay tastier than any other.

    21. You were always surrounded by some of the most magnificent architecture.

    22. You were always up for an impromptu football match at the beach.

    23. Your heart still melts at the sound of the word "Habibi".

    24. And you know you've got some of the most beautiful cities in the world to call home.