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Medieval Fantasy Star Wars

"Long Ago and Far Away" is the latest take on George Lucas' epic franchise by Sillof's Workshop. It's now a story of good versus evil where the young hero has to rescue the princess with the help of the trusty old knight. Wait ... what?

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  • Lukos Swordbearer

    Lukos Swordbearer was raised on a farm by his relatives never knowing what happened to his real family. Never treated as well as their real sons, his relatives soon bound him in servitude to a crazy old knight to work as a lowly squire.

  • Princess Lilani

    Princess Lilani is the daughter of the former king of the realm. She has been kidnapped by the evil lord Deth Valkor and taken to his mountain fortress as a hostage to negotiate for his claim to the throne.

  • Obiwoth Kindorn

    Obiwoth Kindorn once served the true king but following his failure to stop the rise of Deth Valkor he fled into a self-imposed exile.

  • Cadpollo Gildenrod and Randor Deeptomb

    Cadpollo Gildenrod is a wandering minstrel bard who sings the epic tale of the young hero's journey as he strums his lute. His mute companion, Randor Deeptomb, communicates through his pan flute's whistles.

  • Khan Solon & Charothku

    Khan Solon and Charothku are scoundrels who frequent the local tavern. Always looking for the next big score, Charothku is the muscle and Khan is the "brains."

  • Deth Valkor

    Deth Valkor, once known as Anagoth Swordbearer, betrayed and murdered the king and seized his lands.

  • Boran Fayne

    Boran Fayne is the trusted lieutenant of Deth Valkor. He has no loyalty to Valkor's cause but the price is right and his unique services are in demand.

  • Sturm Infantry

    The Sturm infantry are the backbone of Valkor's army. This horde of soldiers number in the thousands and hold the realm in a tight grip of terror.