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29 Adult Habits To Try So You At Least Look Like You Know What You're Doing

This is definitely a self-drag.

1. Cut your hair if you haven't already.

2. Switch up long acrylics for short gel nails.

3. Start taking vitamins and make sure you tell everyone about it.

4. Make ~being environmentally conscious~ part of your personal brand.

5. Swap those tiny sunnies for oversized ones.

6. Start a skincare routine that is at LEAST three steps...

7. ...or if you're already on the skincare bandwagon, just start telling everyone about it.

8. Buy a vacuum cleaner.

9. And buy a new fridge or iron or something.

10. Listen to podcasts that help you better your mind, body and soul...

11. ...and recommend said podcasts to your friends.

PERSON WHO WAS JUST LISTENING TO A PODCAST ABOUT THIS: I was just listening to a podcast about this

Did you even listen to a podcast if you didn't tell everyone about it?

12. Get some cute glasses, even if you don't need them.

13. Get a house plant to take care of, give it a name and refer to it as your "baby".

plant mom culture is watering your plants with the same cup you drink from

You're not an adult unless you have a plant baby.

14. Then just talk about plants at every opportunity.

generational decorating trends are wildly arbitrary like why would millennials be drawn to succulents which are basically just well-hydrated plants with good plant skin that manage to thrive in the face of unpredictable plant resources and all in tiny tiny pots it makes no sense

Even if people don't know what you're going on about, you'll sound smart.

15. And start going to those giant plant warehouse sales.

16. Constantly talk about how old you feel. It will remind everyone you're an ACTUAL adult.

I know I'm almost 30 because I prefer staying in Saturday nights and waking up hangover free so I can drink margaritas Sunday afternoon but then have an excuse to go home early cause it is a school night after all.


OmG iM aLmOsT 30!!!! *is 26*

17. Oh, you can also talk about taxes, or superannuation or something like that.

18. Offer to pay for your parent's meal.

19. Wear blazers or suit pants occasionally.

20. Switch up giant earrings for small, dainty studs.

21. This goes for other jewellery, too. Dainty necklaces and small rings look very ~mature~.

22. Pick a perfume and stick to it. Make it your scent.

23. Oh, and try and make sure it's not a super-sweet perfume. Something dry and musky is the way to go for optimal adulting.

24. Start referring to mum and dad by their first names in public settings.

25. Constantly bring up that one dish you've mastered for dinner. Bonus points if it's vegan.

26. Actually, just have a go at being full-time vegan.

27. Talk about how old and sore you feel.

28. Strike up a conversation about the state of Australia's property market.

29. And finally, for the love of christ, stop drinking goon and start buying organic wine.