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    • Snortysports

      The fact that you even (jokingly or not) think that childfree people would ask these ridiculous questions shows how little you think of us, and how little you pay attention to the things we say. Because you see, we DO all know how hard these things are to do. And we watch your $&!#%! Kids do all of these antics in the grocery store and restaurants, because we see and hear them. See, we see your baggage, and your drama, because it’s out there and it’s loud! But do you ask us about our problems? Our infertilities, disabilities, money problems, sick parents and our other crosses to bear? No, because you’re so wrapped up in your own life that you can’t look around you. Sometimes we are even MORE tired than you! NOT ALL parents are this smug, I am sure! YOU do not need to be this smug either! And just because you have kids and we don’t doesn’t make you noble or us selfish. It makes us all just people.

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