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What's The Worst Financial Decision You've Ever Made?

Oh, so that's how interest works.

All of us have experienced buyers' remorse at some point (say, a $70 oversized stuffed Pusheen, or a dysfunctional Wax Vac ear cleaner), but sometimes, we can make big regrettable decisions that take a toll on our actual financial well-being for years.

Maybe you impulsively bought a slick car that you now realize was really too expensive, and your car payments are devouring your income and leaving you little spare cash.

Maybe you made a really horrible real estate decision. Those kinds of mistakes are expensive AF.

Maybe — when you were still a teen, before you understood how interest even works — you borrowed an insane amount of money for college.

No one likes to talk about these serious financial mistakes, but damn it, it's time we all talk about it! It's the only way to help others avoid doing the same — no one wins when they're in the dark.

So, please tell us, with as much detail as you can, what your dumbest financial decision was and how it has impacted you. How much money was involved? Why did you do it? What's an example of how it impacts your financial well-being today? Is it preventing you from achieving certain goals? Your story could be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video. Sharing won't cost you a thing.