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16 Things Johnny Weir Has Looked Like During His Time In Sochi

"No capes!"

1. Ron Weasley in dress robes

Warner Bros. Pictures

2. Ikea Monkey

3. Gwyneth Paltrow from The Royal Tenenbaums

Buena Vista Pictures

4. Macklemore in all his "Thrift Shop" glory.

5. Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Walt Disney Pictures

6. Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

7. Stanley Tucci from The Hunger Games


8. Bob Costa's pink eye infection.

9. Strawberry Pocky Sticks

10. A bottle of Pepto-Bismol

11. Derek Zoolander's "Blue Steel"

12. The Great Sphinx of Giza (suffering from duck face)

13. Even more "Blue Steel"

14. An awkward extra from some scene in Les Miserables

Universal Pictures

15. Or Pride & Prejudice


16. Lilith from Cheers