Why It’s Not So Shocking That The Illusionist On “Britain’s Got Talent” Blew Your Mind

Darcy Oake said he came over from Canada just to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. But he’s already performed in Las Vegas, LA and Singapore.

1. A magician on this week’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent left everyone astounded after he revealed a number of doves, as if from thin air. Watch his full performance here:

The video of his performance has already been viewed over a million times in two days and was on the front page of Reddit on Monday morning. A number of Twitter users have also praised his audition on the social network.

4. Amanda Holden’s reaction summarised the whole thing pretty well.

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5. His performance also led Simon Cowell to do this → :)


6. But unlike many of the participants on Britain’s Got Talent, a number of whom are teenagers, Darcy Oake has a considerable amount of experience in his field.


Oake has been performing magic since he was a young child and won his first award – when he was named the international magic champion by the Pacific Coast Association Magicians – when he was only 16.

And according to his website, he’s already won a number of industry awards and has performed in venues around the world, from Las Vegas and New York to Malaysia and Singapore. He’d also toured Canada by the time he was 20.

7. He even appeared on French television earlier this year. This came after he performed 100 shows in Paris between October and January.

8. Oake, 26, told the judges that he came over from Canada just to audition for Britain’s Got Talent – “if it goes well, it could change my life,” he said.


Oake said he wanted to appear on Britain’s Got Talent because of the prestige of the show.

He said: “I am auditioning for BGT because it’s the biggest talent show in the world and I want to be performing on a global scale. I feel if it goes well it could change my life.”

9. But Oake has been performing on a global scale for many years – his website claims that he has headlined events in New York and “on the strip” in Las Vegas, a coveted dream for many magicians.


10. Oake calls himself a sleight of hand magician, which means he often performs eye-catching tricks to lure the audience’s eyes away from the real trick.


11. It’s more likely that he hopes his performances on BGT will encourage producers and event organisers to hire him for larger performances.


12. His website notes that he currently performs on luxury cruise liners and off-Broadway. Instead, he might prefer to appear as the main act in the largest venues in the world.


13. All of that might just help to explain how Oake did such a great job and why Simon Cowell referred to him as “the best magician I’ve seen on the show.”


14. If you need any more convincing, watch this video from his website of some of the tricks he’s performed elsewhere.

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