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30 Excellent Reasons To Move To France Immediately

You won't regret it.

Okay, so France's economy isn't doing too well and they're not too happy with their President. BUT France is still an awesome place to live.

And here's why.

1. Let's start with the bread, shall we? Walk into a French bakery and you get inundated by the choice. It's all so good.

2. It's probably the only place in the world where you could get away with eating a baguette in the street without getting looks.

3. Then of course there's the cheese.

So much cheese. In fact, French families tend to eat cheese every night before, or after, dinner.

4. And you can forget all about the cronut because croissants are the real deal.

5. You know what else France is good at? Coffee, that's what.

6. You'll never get bored of having crepes either.

7. You know what, screw it. Just all food and drink in France is amazing.

8. Right, the food is good. How about work?

9. And the paid leave's not too shabby, either.

10. Their welfare system generally always works in your favour, too. If you're not earning a lot, you can get up to €240 a month to help with rent.

11. And there's plenty to do with all your free time. You could visit other cities - intercity transport is pretty cheap if you take a slower train.

12. This makes visiting some of the glorious spots around the country, like the walled city of Saint-Malo in northwestern France, an easy option.

13. The same goes for checking out the beautiful beaches in southern France...

14. ...as well as the various stunning skiing spots.

15. It's definitely worth checking out a few of the country's outstanding markets.

16. You'll also notice that the French dress better. You'll never see a French person wearing pyjamas to the supermarket.

17. Plus: museums! You already know about the Louvre.

The Musée Rodin is my favourite one, largely due to the tranquility of its gardens.

18. Theatre is another thing the French do exceptionally well.

19. Their films keep winning Oscars, too.

20. How about at night? I mean, you're probably sick of being kicked out of clubs at 2am. In France, they close at 4, at the earliest.

21. And they play good music too. Where do you think Daft Punk are from?

22. And if you're not into clubbing, that's fine too. For the French, staying in with bread, cheese and wine makes for a good night.

23. What else does France have to offer? How about one of the world's most gruelling and spectacular car races: the 24 Heures du Mans race.

The race is preceded by festivities in the city, where the drivers parade around in their cars and mingle with locals in the bars at night.

24. You don't need me to tell you about the Tour de France, which is now coming to its 100th race.

25. Plus, Parkour was made popular by a Frenchman, so if you ever visit France, expect lots of this.

And absolutely none of this.

26. And just think about all the other things France has given the world.

27. Quick shout-out for Sundays in France. Barely anyone works. It's a time for everyone to spend with their friends and family.

28. In fact, life in France is pretty relaxed, generally.

29. If you miss a deadline for paperwork, it's no big deal, just get it to them soon.

So what're you waiting for? France is glorious. Move there immediately.