Everything You Need To Know About The Cronut

Dominique Ansel has blessed the world with the mystical Cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid. It is glorious.

1. These are Cronuts, and they are perfect in every way.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

2. Cronut = the shape, fried-ness, and creamy interior of a doughnut + the flaky, delicate pastry layers of a croissant.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

3. The Cronut’s creator is the French pastry chef Dominique Ansel, of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York.

Ansel is a 2013 James Beard Award finalist for Outstanding Pastry Chef. And if there is any justice in the world, he should receive a Lifetime Achievement award for blessing this nation with the Cronut.

4. Dominique Ansel tried about ten different recipes over two months before perfecting the Cronut.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

5. They are made with a special laminated Cronut dough, similar to croissant dough, but with a few key differences.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

It gets sheeted (rolled out) to a different thickness and assembled with a different set of folds.

6. Once they’re shaped, the Cronuts get deep-fried in hot grapeseed oil…

7. …pumped full of cream…

8. …rolled in sugar…

9. …and finally glazed.

10. This is what it looks like on the inside.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

Make sure to cut it with a serrated knife so you don’t crush the beautiful layers.

11. Right now the maximum number of Cronuts a single person can buy is six. They come in this gold box.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

12. TA-DA!

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

13. Cronuts have a short shelf-life (6 hours) and are meant to be eaten immediately.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

14. The Cronut flavors will change every month. May’s flavor is Rose Vanilla and June’s is Lemon Maple. One of these things will cost you $5.00.

Image by Macey J. Foronda/__username__

15. Even crazier than the Cronut itself is the line outside the bakery in the morning.

waiting in line for a cronut is the new cronut RT @andreaklang another line of hungry foodies outside my window.

— raphael_brion (@raphael brion)

16. By 8:15am on Thursday (May 23), only 15 minutes after the bakery was open, the Cronuts were sold out.

Ariel Knutson

17. People have gotten a little worked up about missing out on Cronuts.

It is not okay to flip off our baristas because we are out of cronuts. Wtf!

— DominiqueAnsel (@Dominique Ansel)

18. Sometimes more than a little.

@firstwefeast One woman legitimately cried...we felt so bad, we looked everywhere to find her the last remaining cronut.

— DominiqueAnsel (@Dominique Ansel)

19. Forget cupcakes; Cronuts are hot enough to straight-up replace currency.

@DominiqueAnsel just bribed us for table w #cronut Come on in sir....

— andrecarmellini (@Andrew Carmellini)

20. Oh, and the bakery has trademarked the name “Cronut,” so hands off.

Hi folks, cronut officially trademarked today.

— DominiqueAnsel (@Dominique Ansel)

21. Moral of the story: If you live in New York and feel like getting up at 5:30am you should probably, definitely try these.

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