5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend

This weekend, women dressed up as badgers chased the EDL through London and Matt Smith is set to leave Doctor Who. Read on to find out what else happened.

1. Women dressed up as badgers chased the BNP and EDL down the streets of London on Saturday.

Dylan Martinez / Reuters

On 1 June, as well as demonstrations by the English Defence League and British National Party, women dressed up to protest against the cull of badgers. After protesting, these women chased the far-right protesters through central London.

3. Freddie Flintoff, former England cricket player, attempted to explain the rules of cricket to Jennifer Lopez on the Graham Norton Show.

Photo by Scott Heavey / Getty Images

4. A European Parliament committee voted to lift Marine Le Pen’s immunity - she can now be charged for inciting racism.

Charles Platiau / Reuters

As a European Parliament member, she previously held immunity and could not be prosecuted for such an offense.

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