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This Picture Of A Kangaroo Crushing A Bucket Is Batshit Insane

Two metres tall, 90 kilograms, and smashes buckets with his bare hands.

This photo of Roger the (seriously ripped) Roo destroying a bucket shows why you should never mess with a fully grown male red kangaroo.

Roger's carer, Chris "Brolga" Barnes, reared the orphaned joey by hand.

Also nicknamed "Kangaroo Dundee", Barnes is a dead set Aussie legend, and arguably the World’s Best Surrogate Mom.

"I rescued Roger out of his mother's pouch in 2006," Barnes told BuzzFeed. "She was dead on the side of the road and he weighed under a kilogram."

"Nine years later he weighs 90 kg and is taller than most men. I'm 6'7" and when he's back on his feet and ready to go, I look him right in the eyes."

BuzzFeed met 2-metre tall, 90-kg Roger last year while visiting The Kangaroo Sanctuary where he lives with his 12 wives on the outskirts of Alice Springs.

"Roger's muscle is human-like," said Barnes. "He appears to have the same muscles that a bodybuilder has, really defined biceps and triceps."

"That's because the big males need to be expert kickboxers and wrestlers. There are no single girls in the bush, they're all under the care of one dominant male, so these guys need to be tough to survive.

"Kangaroos usually live between 12 to 15 years, and the big males reach their maximum size in their latter years."

Roger is a BADASS!

"A big kick can disembowel you," says Barnes. "A few unfortunate men have lost their tackle. A big male can open you, he can split you open."

You know he means business when he starts digging your grave.

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So what the hell did the bucket do to piss Roger off?

"I was feeding Roger and put down the bucket to get some water," says Barnes.

"He maybe saw his reflection, and before I knew it he had gone crazy and bear hugged it – crushing it in a second. A big kangaroo is renowned for crushing dogs trying to kill them. They don't mess."

tl:dr Don't mess with red kangaroos.

Unless they're too small to kick your butt.

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