29 Reasons This Aussie Bloke Is The World’s Best Surrogate Mom

Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes rears joeys by hand. Form a queue ladies.

1. This is Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes (right).

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2. He has spent nine years building a sanctuary for orphaned kangaroos, living much of the time in a tin shack with no power or toilet.

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3. After finding a dead kangaroo with a live baby in its pouch by the side of the road in 2005, Barnes devoted his life to saving orphaned joeys.

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4. He quit his job and opened a kangaroo rescue service in and around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

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5. He has spent thousands of hours scouring the deserts of Australia’s Red Centre rescuing precious orphaned cargo.

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6. Kangaroo joeys need to feel cosy, warm and loved.

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7. Luckily for the orphaned joeys of Oz, Brolga is basically the best surrogate mother on the planet!!!

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8. He is what is known in Australia as a DEAD SET TRUE BLUE AUSSIE LEGEND!

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9. Barnes, who is TWO METRES TALL (6ft 7in), is nicknamed Brolga after the Aboriginal word for the Australian Crane (Grus rubicunda) – a mighty bird known for its amazing mating dance.

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BuzzFeed stupidly did not ask Barnes about his skills on the dancefloor.

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10. Dubbed ‘Kangaroo Dundee’ in a recent hit BBC documentary series, Barnes is ‘The Orphan Hunter’ to Steve Irwin’s ‘Crocodile Hunter’.

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11. He now looks after 30 kangaroos of various ages on an enormous 36 hectare outback site outside Alice Springs.

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12. Like all good Aussies, the roos look out for their mates.

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13. Following Brolga’s outstanding example.

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14. By day the joeys hang out in Brolga’s shack at the Kangaroo Sanctuary

BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar
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15. At night he takes them home!

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16. They go EVERYWHERE with him!

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17. Keeping the joeys snug and warm, Brolga tries to create an environment that feels like being in their mother’s pouch: albeit slightly more crowded!

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18. For hand rearing baby kangaroos orphaned in appalling circumstances….

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19. It’s pretty clear that Barnes should be up for Mother of the Year EVERY GODDAMN YEAR.

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20. This year he was a finalist in the Australian of the Year awards.

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21. BuzzFeed recently visited Brolga’s Sanctuary and discovered that kangaroos are really nervous creatures.

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22. Heads Up!!!

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23. Also: the big red males should be given lots of space.

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24. Particularly the star of the show, Roger, the ALPHA ROO.

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25. Who like every red-blooded Aussie bloke likes sex and footie.

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26. But no, you can’t borrow his ball.

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27. And he’s not sharing his hay either.

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SRSLY, take Brolga’s advice: Don’t Mess With Roger!

BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar
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28. Sir Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes, BuzzFeed’s Australian Animal Lover Of The Year.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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