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    29 Reasons Perth Is The Best/Worst Place In The World

    The most isolated, expensive, brilliant city on Earth. Via /r/perth.

    1. EVERYTHING is so expensive.


    3. Maybe because we're a long way from everywhere.

    4. The fourth biggest city in Australia, some people have no idea where we actually are.

    5. Even though we're the capital of a bloody big state.

    6. The only cheap thing in Perth? Flights to Bali: $130 return during the off season.

    7. Still, our new airport terminal kicks ass.

    8. Summer gets hot.

    9. So drinking and "driving" is perfectly acceptable.

    10. The Church of Export is the best church.

    11. Tinnie beards are de rigour.

    12. Western Australians like meat.

    13. Especially chicken.

    14. The most dangerous thing in Western Australia? Western Australians.

    15. Our men like to wax.

    16. Botox is BIG business.

    17. Edith Cowan Uni students know how to park.

    18. As do gig goers at Perth Concert Hall.

    19. This is what the Kwinana Highway looks like, every damn morning.

    20. This license plate perfectly compliments its owner's car.

    21. Parking is a little bit tricky at Gosnells train station.

    22. But no one parks like City of Perth Parking.

    23. This is funny.

    24. Councils will not tolirate anti-social behaviour.

    25. The southern suburbs train is the perfect place for a wedding proposal.

    26. The loot is the only reason to go to the Royal Perth Show.

    27. Perth comes to a standstill when Jamie visits Jamie's.

    28. Northbridge residents play by different rules.

    29. And people from Freo are angry.