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29 Pictures That Prove Japan Is The Most WTF Country On Earth

Never change, Japan, never change.

1. Fertility festivals where people carry around giant pink penises.

2. Competitions where sumo wrestlers make babies cry.

3. Mannequins who don't give a fuck.

4. Also, superheroes devoted to helping mothers with babies down stairs.

5. Halloween, Japan style. Because who cares about ghosts?

6. Capsule hotels for $50 a night.

7. Love hotels rentable by the hour.

8. Hotels with robot dinosaur receptionists!

9. Drunk salarymen crashing wherever the hell they like.

10. Random deer in city centers.

11. Public foot spas for dogs.

12. Unorthodox spa treatments for humans.

13. (Anyone for a moisturizing slug spa?!)

14. Unusual pillows for busy businessmen.

15. And the most out-there fashions on the planet.

(Yep, these are cicadas)

16. A dazzling variety of Kit Kat biscuits.

17. Kit Kat Crushed Pizza (with marshmallows)!

18. Square watermelon.

19. KFC for Christmas Dinner (after work, because people work on Christmas Day).

20. (Also, sexy KFC chicken nuggets?!)

21. An insane number of vending machines*...

22. ...that sell everything...

23. ...including beer...

24. ...and even bananas.

25. High-tech toilets.

26. An island populated entirely by rabbits.

27. An island nation surrounded by crazy things.

28. And, of course, the world's most WTF game shows.

29. (Yes, this TV star is being chased by a Komodo dragon!)