There Is An Island In Japan That Is COVERED In Bunnies

Happy Easter?!

1. Ōkunoshima (Bunny Island) is an island located in a Japanese inland sea between Hiroshima and Shikoku.

2. The island was used during World War II as a military site for the manufacturing of poison gas. / Creative Commons

3. It was a top secret operation, with the island being wiped off many maps. / Creative Commons

5. IT’S COVERED WITH BUNNIES! / Creative Commons / Creative Commons


7. Here’s some bunnies straight chillin’ outside a building.

8. And this bunny isn’t taking any of your shit. / Creative Commons

9. These bunnies are just looking for some friends. / Creative Commons

10. These bunnies are just ‘laxin. / Creative Commons

Also lets bring attention to the fact that there’s probably a large amount of bunny poop also on the island.

11. And this is the most photogenic bunny on the face of the Earth. / Creative Commons

12. Ōkunoshima: Where rabbits go when they die.

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