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Posted on 30 Dec 2015

The 21 Most Batshit Insane Animals Of 2015

Yes, of course they're all Australian.

2. This carjacking koala.

Sam Box / Via

3. This seal riding on the back of a FUCKING WHALE!

Robyn Malcolm / Diimex

4. This emu convinced he's a horse.

Nathan Coates / ABC Rural

7. This bull with TWO FACES!!! 😱 😱

8. This fish with TWO MOUTHS!! 😱 😱

Gary Warrick

9. This majestic sheep that skipped a haircut for FIVE FUCKING YEARS!!!!! 🐏 🐏 🐏 🐏 🐏


11. This koala that survived a 100kph smash.

Michael Hughes / Via

13. This gigantic fucking shark.

Museum Victoria

17. This octopus battling a crab to the death.

Porsche Indrisie / Via

18. This crocodile proving reptiles are our overlords.

Bonus: this emu that went for a run down a highway. IN ISRAEL.

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