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    Tina Fey Said That A "30 Rock" Reboot Would Look...A Little Bit Different

    I'm going to go talk to some food about this.

    As I'm sure you'll remember, 30 Rock was one of the best shows in TV history.


    We had seven beautiful, glorious, hilarious seasons before it came to an end in 2013.


    ^^^ Me, after the last episode.

    But now, in the era of reboots, it's got everyone (especially, me) wondering if 30 Rock could be next. Well, Tina Fey actually addressed this possibility this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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    After admitting that she had said "maybe" to the idea before, she told Jimmy, "Robert Carlock and I — we would never do a straight reboot because that would be too easy."

    "I don’t know, we try to think of a way to do something: ‘What should we do — a prequel that’s, like, Muppet Babies? Or set in a dystopian future where there’s a lot of robot sex, and McBrayer comes in and is like, ‘Oh, no!’"

    "But if we get anything together, I promise you will be the first to know.”

    Sounds like there's a real possibility! Robot sex or no, I'll take whatever 30 Rock I can get.


    What would you guys like to see in a possible reboot? Tell us in the comments!

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