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14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "The Big Bang Theory" That'll Make Your Inner Nerd Squeal

There are more lyrics to "Soft Kitty"!

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During this year's Comic-Con, BuzzFeed attended The Big Bang Theory panel, which featured both cast members and writers of the show. Here are some fun things we learned:

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1. Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones met for the first time on The Big Bang Theory set, despite playing father and daughter in Star Wars. When Fisher saw him for the first time, she shouted, "Dad!"

2. Maria Ferrari — a writer for the show — once interrupted Kevin Sussman (who plays Stuart) on a date and he didn't know who she was. She's convinced that he thought she was a fan, but he assures her that he just forgot her name.

3. Sussman hates having his head underwater, and he described his hot tub scene with Kunal Nayyar as "horrifying." A bunch of people had to coach him and tell him that it was going to be OK.

4. Nayyar being cast as Raj was only his second-ever acting job after graduating from Temple University. His first was playing a terrorist on NCIS.


5. Kaley Cuoco has an idea of what Penny's maiden name might be, but she's keeping it close to the vest. She told one fan: "I have it in my head what I think that it is. But now I’m Penny Hofstadter, so it doesn’t matter."

6. A lot of laughter on the show is not scripted. Cuoco said, "That’s what I love about this cast, like, we laugh when we’re saying things. It’s completely natural, it’s not a written in thing. ... I’m constantly entertained by these friends and these people that are around me."

7. Cuoco's favorite episode is "The Scavenger Vortex" (Season 7, Episode 3) because she loves group scenes and how competitive costar Melissa Rauch gets during filming. Meanwhile, Nayyar likes "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" (Season 3, Episode 8) because he got to use a funny American accent.

8. Nayyar is a huge Star Wars fan and his dog is named Boba Fett.

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9. The scene when Bernadette sleeps in a crib with baby Haley is based on a real moment Ferrari experienced.

10. Apparently, Cuoco is the big crier on set. She'll tear up from laughing, but also cries during emotional scenes, such as the most recent finale when Sheldon proposed to Amy.

11. Nayyar is jealous of Cuoco's wardrobe, saying that he wishes he could just wear tank tops and shorts, instead of heavy sweaters with long sleeves.

12. Adam West guest-starred for the show's 200th episode and had to say, “Don’t ring my doorbell or my poodles will go crazy!” during one scene. After rehearsing the line, West asked executive producer Steve Molaro, “Do you think I could have a tougher dog, like a rottweiler?” But West had poodles in real life.

13. It takes 20 minutes for Nayyar to straighten his hair every episode, since it's naturally curly.

14. "Soft Kitty" has additional verses that include other animals. The full song goes:

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr, purr, purr

Soft bunny, warm bunny
Floppy ears up top
Happy bunny, sleepy bunny
Hop, hop, hop

Hard turtle, wet turtle
Where did your head go?
Happy turtle, sleepy turtle
Slow, slow, slow