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    "SNL" Nailed Kamala Harris's Speech Outfit So Fast, People Got Whiplash

    "The devil works hard, but SNL's wardrobe team works harder."

    Yesterday, Kamala Harris made history as the soon-to-be first-ever woman, Black, and Indian American vice president of the United States...

    ...and Saturday Night Live made history with the fastest wardrobe match that may ever have been done.

    Even after five consecutive days of watching Steve Kornacki punch numbers into a calculator and scribble on a magic map board, I'm still no closer to being good at math. But I know enough to tell you that there were only three hours between Kamala's speech and when SNL hit the airwaves.

    Three hours. THREE. HOURS. That's it! You couldn't even finish The Irishman in that span of time.

    And yet, when Maya Rudolph joined Jim Carrey during the show's cold open, she looked like the VP-elect's freaking doppelgänger:

    I mean, it's so good, I'm almost suspicious. What did SNL know and when did they know it?

    I'm not the only one who did a double take, either. The Twittersphere was abuzz with shock and awe:


    The devil works hard but SNL’s wardrobe team works harder

    Not Maya being in the cream suit two hours after Kamala’s speech.

    The fact that #SNL got Maya Rudolph in Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’ outfit from tonight so fast, lol.

    Give the SNL wardrobe supervisor who found Maya Rudolph a white satin tie blouse in 2.5 hours an Emmy.

    SNL’s wardrobe team after seeing Kamala Harris’s acceptance speech outfit #SNL

    @TheAllyLindblom In my mind I feel like Maya called Kamala and said “hey Gurl, what are you going to be wearing”

    Did Kamala send Maya her suit for SNL? How did they pull that off?

    Round of applause to the SNL interns for getting this outfit together so fast #SNL

    YESSSS, WD*! Flawless job!

    Anyway, you can see the full wizardry below!

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