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17 Funny Tweets About "SNL" Preparing For Tonight's Postelection Episode Because This Is Gonna Be Quite A Show

*Rewrites tonight's entire episode of SNL.*

The presidential race has just been called for Joe Biden. However, even before it was, I was definitely curious to know what political skits Saturday Night Live would have after such an eventful election week.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Jim Carrey as Joe Biden during a presidential debate skit on "SNL"

With the results coming in this Saturday morning, people are quite curious about what SNL might be up to ~this very moment~ in order to prepare for tonight's show — which features Dave Chappelle as the host and the Foo Fighters as the musical guest — with just HOURS left to make any last-minute adjustments.

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Because there will be A LOT to talk about.

So here are some of the funniest tweets about SNL preparing for tonight's show, because I can only imagine the utter chaos it might be right now in the writers room.


SNL having less than 12 hours to prepare


SNL writers changing the entire show tonight after hearing the election results


SNL writers room getting ready for tonight




thoughts and prayers to the SNL writers who are rewriting tonight’s episode


GOD what must it be like to be a fly on the wall of the SNL writers room right now


SNL writers are losing their minds right now


SNL writers realizing they have to scrap the entire script they made for tonight


I can’t wait to see the show @nbcsnl scrambled together tonight


no but actually how is snl gonna handle this happening like 12 hours before airtime i would kill to be in the writers room right now

No matter what happens, the anticipation for tonight's episode, especially with an iconic comedian like Dave Chappelle — who hosted SNL four years ago for 2016's postelection show — is certainly real:

Dear SNL writers, delete all your scripts. All of it. You have Dave Chappelle as your host for tonight. Just give him the mic. Unrehearsed content. That’s all.


Dave Chappelle making some edits to his SNL monologue


Dave Chappelle hosting SNL tonight is a must watch lol


Is it too early to give @DaveChappelle an Emmy for tonight's SNL??


SNL and Last Week Tonight are gonna be EXTRA spicy this week


Tonight may be the best SNL episode ever. We're ready Dave Chapelle.