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    Baby Yoda Had A Little Too Much Personality In A New "SNL" Skit

    "I'm sliding in the DMs a little bit."

    Last night on Saturday Night Live, Baby Yoda appeared during "Weekend Update."

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    Kyle Mooney played everyone's favorite smol bean during the sketch.


    At first, Michael Che had heart eyes and was all, "Aren't you just adorable in your little space carriage" and "This is so cute." And then Baby Yoda spoke...


    "Yeah, you like dat Che?"

    ...Che was not impressed.


    "Wait, you talk? You don't sound like Yoda."

    "Oh, sound like this I should? Come on man, that's played out! Baby Yoda's what's popping right now," he said.


    He continued, "People are liking the show. All the memes and the fans. You know, so I'm sliding in the DMs a lil' bit. Not saying nothing, but uh, it's been very...beneficial. And let's just leave it at that."


    "Me and the boys are having fun, the squad is in the house!"


    "That's uh, me, Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, and the two guys from the Sonic commercials."

    He went on: "You know, big things coming for ya boi...I got my clothing line coming out. It's these dope three-finger gloves called Hand-Dalorians."


    "Plus, I got the rap mixtape, the Reebok deal, the stand-up special with Netflix...where I basically just tell stories about who hooked up on The Mandalorian set — Me!"

    But Baby Yoda told Che that though "it's been a wild ass experience," he "does have his haters."


    Live footage of Baby Groot, remaining unbothered:


    What did you think of the sketch?