Ryan Gosling Shouting Out His Daughters And Eva Mendes During "SNL" Last Night Will Emotionally Destroy You

    His shoutout to his dog is what killed me.

    Last night, Ryan Gosling hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live and everything was so funny, he could barely keep a straight face.

    It all started during his monologue when he broke referring to New Orleans as "Nerlens."

    Then he did it again, when he described being abducted by aliens.

    And even once more — vibrating with laughter for, like, a full minute — when Kate McKinnon demonstrated her alien "probing" experience and used his own, beautiful bottom as an example.

    And, of course, he couldn't help but chuckle when the criminal he was playing tried to convince the chicken he was in love with (Aidy Bryant) not to shoot him. A CHICKEN!

    Then again, when he courageously took the fall for Chicken Aidy, who accidentally shot a farmer.

    And again, one last time, when — after 20 years in jail — he and Chicken Aidy were reunited and could finally live out their dreams in Barcelona.

    Then, Ryan chuckled a bit when he swore vengeance on a fancy restaurant for tricking him and his fiancée into eating pasta from a pizza chain for a commercial.

    Ultimately, he broke one last time during the final sketch, but tried to mask his laughter by playing into a flute. It...kind of worked.

    Not only did he crack up during the show, but he got all emotional too. First, he shouted out the lucky ladies in his life — his partner Eva Mendes and their two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada.

    Oh, and when he wore a T-shirt in honor of his beloved 16-year-old dog, George? That's when I lost it.

    Lastly, in an extreeeeeeemly rare bout of PDA, he and Eva held hands, proving that love does exist.

    Never change.