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    We Can't Get Enough Of These 10 New Books, And You Won't Be Able To Either

    *Stays up all night reading...again.*

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    Hello, book lovers! Each week, dozens and dozens of new releases hit the shelves. Below are some of the reads BuzzFeed Books writers and contributors loved the most:

    1. The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan

    Ballantine Books

    In the midst of WWII and forced food rationing, a British radio show holds a cooking contest called "The Kitchen Front" in an attempt to help mothers and wives. The grand prize? A coveted spot as the program's first woman cohost. Vying for the spot are a young widowed mother, a kitchen maid, an unhappy lady of the manor, and a trained chef — but will this competition bring the community together or be too much to handle in the middle of war?

    Kirby Beaton

    2. Like Home by Louisa Onome

    Delacorte Press

    I'm so happy that the world gets to get their hands on this great YA contemporary novel today. Nelo loves her neighborhood, Ginger East, but after a deadly incident at the local arcade, things changed. With the exception of her best friend Kate, Nelo's friends moved away. But when Kate's parents' corner store is vandalized, the police and media are quick to point fingers. And as the incident gains national attention, Nelo finds herself at the center of the drama. Worse, her friendship with Kate is becoming distant. Will things ever go back to the way they were? Get ready to fall in love with Onomé's authentic, vivid characters and heartfelt story.

    Farrah Penn

    3. The Upstairs House by Julia Fine


    New mom Megan is emotionally and physically depleted in those early postpartum months. She’s mostly alone while her husband travels for work — until, apparent only to Megan, the ghost of children’s author Margaret Wise Brown “moves in” to the upstairs apartment with unfinished business. As Megan falls deeper into this ghostly drama, she becomes less and less connected to reality, endangering herself and her baby. It’s a rich and haunting story that will stick with you for a while.

    Arianna Rebolini

    4. Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

    Park Row

    Grace Porter is a 28-year-old straight-A overachiever who just got her PhD in astronomy. To celebrate, she goes on a girls trip to Vegas, where she meets the beautiful Yuki Yamamoto...and drunkenly marries her. Known for her level head, Grace has never done something so reckless in her life. But, with her parent's suffocating expectations, bleak job market, and overall feelings of burnout, Grace doubles down and abandons her routine for a summer in New York with the wife she barely knows. The two fall hard and fast, but when summer ends, reality comes knocking. —Shyla Watson

    5. Quiet In Her Bones by Nalini Singh


    Ten years ago, socialite Nina Rai disappeared, along with a quarter of a million dollars in cash. Everyone assumed she was a gold-digging trophy wife who ran off with his money — but now her bones have turned up in the forest surrounding her affluent neighborhood. Her son Aarav has always suspected something suspicious from the night she went missing, and he's determined to figure out what really happened. But when he goes digging for answers, he unearths much more than he bargained for. —Shyla Watson

    6. Love at First by Kate Clayborn

    Kensington Publishing Corporation

    Nearly 20 years ago, Will Sterling was a teenager who fell in love with the voice of a stranger — a mysterious girl living a few floors above him. Now, Will has returned to that very same building as the new owner with plans to quickly sell the property and move on...until he hears that same voice again. Nora Clarke won't let her beloved grandmother's home be taken from her without a fight, and attempts to foil Will's plans to sell — but their witty conversations and his charming good looks start to get in the way. —Shyla Watson

    7. A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth

    Margaret K. McElderry

    If you've been looking for a new fae series to steal your heart, this is the book for you! The Eight Courts of Folk have peacefully lived, concealed, among humans for centuries, but there's war brewing between the Mortal and Immortal realms, thrown to the forefront after a series of ritualistic murders in Toronto. Four queer teens — a half-fae outcast of a royal family, a Fury in exile, a fae prince, and the prince's guardian — are trying to track down the killer, before one of them tips the scales of war.

    Rachel Strolle

    8. Never Have I Ever by Isabel Yap

    Small Beer Press

    These 13 captivating short stories entwine fantasy, horror, and science fiction to explore monsters, Filipino folklore, immigration, and queerness. In the dark fairy tale “A Cup of Salt Tears,” Makino’s mother warns her of the dangers of making deals with kappas, even though Makino was saved by kappa as a child; when Makino’s husband falls ill, she seeks out that same kappa. In “Hurricane Heels (We Go Down Dancing),” a group of five girls befriend one another at a summer camp when a goddess charges them with protecting the world from darkness; ten years later, the girls are still fighting. These ambiguous, vivid, and dark tales manage deep characterizations despite their short formats. —Margaret Kingsbury

    9. The Blizzard Party by Jack Livings


    Jack Livings' debut novel centers on a fatal blizzard that devastated New York City in 1978. More specifically it focuses on our narrator Hazel Saltwater's recollection of it: On the night the storm hits, 6-year-old Hazel is hiding out in the back room of a riotous party in her family's posh Upper West Side apartment building. Here, she meets the elderly Albert Caldwell, whose plan to drown himself later in the night is foiled by a stranger — who, coincidentally, eventually becomes Hazel's husband. Hazel is drawn to this momentous night, a formative moment of her life, and she decides to reconstruct its events, tracing the disparate characters who shared it with her and the unlikely ways their lives intersect. It's a marvelous debut, breathtaking in its scope and depth.

    Arianna Rebolini

    10. Nubia: Real One by L.L. McKinney and Robyn Smith

    DC Comics

    Nubia pushed over a tree to rescue her neighbor's a baby. While she's always showcased Amazonian-like qualities, the world seems to have no problem reminding her that they see her as a threat rather than Wonder Woman. But when her best friend, Quisha, is threatened by a boy who thinks he owns the town, Nubia will risk it all to protect her. With McKinney's signature epic writing and Smith's stunning artwork and perfect color scheme, this is an absolute winner.

    Rachel Strolle

    For more new-release recommendations from this month, click here, or catch up on all of our weekly favorites on Bookshop. What's the best book you read this week? Tell us in the comments!

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