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Bughead Fans Will Freak Out Over Lili Reinhart's Adorable Birthday Message To Cole Sprouse

OK, but why am I crying in the club rn?

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Anyway, as they are wont to do, the twins seized the opportunity to crack jokes about their special day:

On today, the day of my birth, I would like to say: I remember all of it, every second, and it was disgusting.

"Happy Birthday to the LOML @colesprouse and his brother, Green Mario!" - Riverdale fans today

But, instead of humor, Cole's Riverdale co-star and rumored girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, wrote the Jughead actor a super sweet birthday message on her Instagram.

Instagram: @lilireinhart

Now, is it just me, or was that wayyyyy more romantic than her birthday message to Cole last year, which seemed pretty platonic?

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my pal, Cole. 💃🏼

IDK. 🤔 I'll let you be the judge.