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    Sorry Ladies, Baby Yoda Is Officially Off The Market!!

    Yes, you read that right.

    Okay, so as I'm sure you'll recall (because how could it not be ingrained in your memory), last month at the Gotham Awards, Laura Dern was asked her thoughts on Baby Yoda and her response was...confusing: "I saw him at a basketball game."

    Laura Dern says that she saw #BabyYoda at a basketball game: "That's all I'm going to say"

    And people were There's no way Laura Dern knows who Baby Yoda is. But she stuck to her guns and we were just like, "Okay!" Because if Laura Dern says she saw Baby Yoda at a basketball game then that's what happened!!

    With the internet's obsession with Baby Yoda and Laura Dern being Laura Dern, it was, as the olds say, ~the talk of the town~.

    Who knew all this time she was just being coy about her man!!

    Yup, that's right, folks!

    On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host asked Laura what we all want to know: "Did you see Baby Yoda at a basketball game?" Aka what is going on????

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    "I'm just gonna say this," she started. "'Cause we've been in this business for a long time now and I was raised by actors...there can be a frenzy when people are friends or have some kind of relationship, and people wanna wonder, ya know?"

    And when Stephen said, "He's a star, you're a star, you've been seen together at a basketball there anything?" you could tell our girl wanted to keep everything hush hush.

    "Well I mean, as a baby, he's a 50-year-old baby. So I mean, it's not inappropriate...and I said to my friends, 'You know, the next man I'm gonna be with, I want him to be incredibly wise, great sense of humor, I don't mind being the taller one," she joked.

    "I didn't mention green, but somehow you never know what you're going to get and I'm very open-minded. And, those eyes! I can't tell you! When you say, 'I just want you to look in my eyes forever,' I mean, he's definitely going to be doing that."

    And that, my friends, is the tea.

    Wishing you two crazy kids nothing but the best. Invite me to the wedding!!