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    Joke's On Us, Laura Dern Knows Exactly Who Baby Yoda Is

    Never questioning her again.

    Who remembers last week when Laura dern was asked about Baby Yoda and she said she "saw him at basketball game," and the response was so confusing that I truly wasn't sure if Laura Dern even knew who Baby Yoda was?

    Variety / Twitter: @Variety

    And she didn't say anymore on the subject so we were left in a state of bewilderment.

    Variety / Twitter: @Variety

    But since then, Laura Dern has made sure that we all know that she knows who Baby Yoda is.

    First, she shared this photo of a basketball game. Do you see who I see? LOOK CLOSER.

    Then she shared yet another pic from a basketball game that she was at with Timothee Chalamet (which is cool but besides the point).

    Her caption?

    And then finally, this pic. Laura Dern holding a cup of coffee with Baby Yoda latte art.

    She knows.

    Finally, we are all understanding things a bit better.

    And I will never doubt Laura Dern again!!! FORGIVE ME, LAURA DERN!!!!!

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