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Twitter Is Completely Divided On The Right Way To Draw An X

X marks the Twitter feud!

At the ripe old age of 25, there are so many things I do automatically, things I never give a second thought to. You know, like tying my shoes (I prefer the bunny method) or putting on my pants (always right leg, then left).

I also never blinked an eye as to how I draw an X – that is until I saw this tweet by @SMASEY. The photo shows eight different ways of drawing an X, which is about six more ways than I thought possible.

Also this is so interesting to me - which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke

Yup, I feel ya.

me realising there are other ways to draw an 'x' 🤯

People are seriously conflicted.

@SMASEY @diegofromkfc if you don't do 6 we're no longer friends

If this ain't the truth!

@SMASEY 8. People who draw bottom to top are also the ones that put their toilet paper on the holder the wrong way.

Even my coworkers are divided!

Like, does it have to do with geography??

General consensus is that Americans do 7 & 8 while UK does 5 & 6. Probably how we were taught. Not sure about other countries

Maybe it's different if you're left-handed! 🤔

@SMASEY I’m left handed and do seven. Is there any correlation here?

Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore.