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    26 Secrets About "Bridgerton" From The Team Who Created It

    "There's nothing that's arbitrary about the work we do."

    🚨Major spoilers ahead!!🚨

    1. According to costume designers Ellen Mirojnick and John Glaser, there wasn't a specific costume that was difficult to design — the real difficulty was the scale of the series.

    Phoebe Dynevor getting fitted for a gown

    2. Overall, 7,500 articles of clothing were made to create 6,000 costumes. For the principal ladies — Daphne, Violet, Eloise, Penelope, The Queen, Marina, Lady Danbury, and Lady Featherington, to name a few — it took UPWARDS OF A WEEK to create ONE dress.

    A peak into the wardrobe closet of Bridgerton

    3. BUUUT, if they had to choose the ONE character it was hardest to design for, they agreed on Lady Featherington.

    The Featheringtons at a party

    4. When referring to the costume style for the families, the Bridgertons were referred to as "the Tiffany family" and the Featheringtons were referred to as "the Versace family."

    Logos for Tiffany & Co. and Versace

    5. Daphne's color palette changed as she grew as a character.

    6. Ellen Mirojnick said when Regé-Jean Page (Simon Basset) walked into the fitting room, "it was clear he wouldn't be anything similar to the men of the ton."

    7. Simon always wears a broach, which belonged to his late mother.

    Simon eating breakfast in Hasting's house

    8. Marina wears a necklace with an eye pendant to represent her love, George.

    Marina entering the home of the Featheringtons

    9. It was actually Adjoa Andoh's idea that Lady Danbury wear a top hat and use a walking stick.

    Lady Danbury reading the latest Whistledown while wearing a top hat

    10. According to music composer Kris Bowers, the first pieces of inspiration for Simon and Daphne's theme were "some piano pieces Chris Van Dusen sent me by Ravel."

    Daphne and Simon entering a ball

    11. Simon and Daphne's theme changes throughout the season as their relationship changes.

    Daphne and Simon posing for their portrait miles apart from one another

    12. They also have their own individual themes.

    13. Kris Bowers arranged the "Strange" cover, which is the score that plays in the background as Simon and Daphne consummate their marriage.

    Daphne and Simon basking in post-coital bliss

    14. For "pretty obvious reasons," a Kanye song was nixed from the soundtrack.

    15. In the scene when Daphne plays the pianoforte, the notes being played are musically accurate.

    Daphne playing the pianoforte

    16. Though Alexandra Patsavas (the music supervisor) was responsible for orchestral pop song covers, Kris said he'd love to hear a cover of a Beyoncé song in a potential Season 2.

    Beyonce performing at the 59th Grammy Awards

    17. Max Richter's score for Mary Queen of Scots heavily influenced the Bridgerton score.

    18. Harpsichord was the main instrument used for "The Latest Whistledown" (Lady Whistledown's theme) and the piano was the main instrument used for "We Could Form an Attachment" (Daphne and Simon's theme).

    Simon and Daphne making their jawbreaking entrance as a couple

    19. Because of the pandemic, the entire score was composed virtually, with musicians playing at home alone across numerous time zones.

    20. Kris didn't discover Lady Whistledown's identity until the show had already filmed a few episodes, impacting how he proceeded with her theme.

    21. Aside from the orchestral moment at the end of the pilot, "What Women Do Best" is Kris Bowers' favorite score.

    Lord Berbrooke reading the latest Whistledown scandal sheet

    22. Gina Cromwell, the set decorator, revealed that a total of 293 sets were used on the show, including "every room corridor and staircase, plus all the locations."

    Production still of Daphne's society entrance

    23. Clyvedon had about six locations to make up the one manor.

    24. The Hastings courtyard was actually built inside the studio to better control the weather.

    Daphne laughing in the rain as Simon looks at her with love

    25. According to Gina, "not that many" sets were repurposed to look like a completely different room, but that was the case with the Featherington drawing room and Lord Featherington's bedroom.

    26. And, last but not least, the Queen's garden party was the hardest set to decorate.

    The queen's garden party

    Wowza! This just goes to show that a series is only as strong at the people behind it! Can't wait to see what this team does for *fingers crossed* Season 2!

    Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity.