23 Books About Witches That Are Perfect For Halloween

    We've got witchy romance, witchy fantasy, and much more!

    In the Company of Witches

    by Auralee Wallace

    Witchy genre: Cozy mystery

    Brynn and her aunts run a bed and breakfast in the sleepy town of Evenfall, where they've used their magic for 400 years. But when a grumpy and argumentative local, Constance Graves, ends up dead at the B&B, Brynn's aunt Nora looks like the prime suspect. Brynn could use her power to speak to the dead to get the truth from Constance's ghost — except she hasn't been able to use her power since her husband died. Brynn will have to rely on her detective work to crack the case...and hopefully bring back something she lost.

    Edie in Between

    by Laura Sibson

    Witchy genre: Young adult

    Edie's mother died a year ago but — in true Mitchell fashion — her ghost is lingering around. Edie has never bought into her family's legacy of brewing tonics, talking to plants, and other "witchy" behavior, but when she stumbles upon her mother's teenage journal, it sends her on a scavenger hunt for her mother's lost objects, ensorcelled to whisk Edie away into a different journal entry. As Edie watches her mother love, mourn, and grow up, she's forced to confront who she was born to be.


    by Rachel Harrison

    Witchy genre: Horror / Women's Fiction

    Annie has played it safe all her life, doing what was easy and expected of her. But when her boyfriend of 10 years dumps her and tells her he "just wants to be friends," she throws caution to the wind and moves from New York City to a quiet village upstate. Shortly after she arrives, Annie meets Sophie, a charming, enigmatic woman. The two hit it off immediately and become close quickly, spending nearly all their time together. Little does Annie know, she's just befriended the town witch.

    The Witch Haven

    by Sasha Peyton Smith

    Witchy genre: Young adult historical fiction

    By day, 17-year-old Frances Hallowell works as a seamstress in 1911 New York. By night, she contemplates the mysterious death of her beloved brother. Her life takes a sharp turn (no pun intended) when a man falls dead at her feet, seemingly stabbed with her seamstress scissors. Before she is condemned for a crime she didn't commit, she's whisked away to Haxahaven Sanitarium — only the sanitarium actually turns out to be a school for witches. At first, she loves the support she gets from her fellow witches, but soon finds the rules tiresome and gravitates instead toward Finn, a boy with magic who appears in her dreams with promises to help her solve her brother's murder. Frances has a lot of decisions to make, about Finn, her brother, and her future — which only gets more complicated when a leader of an ancient order sets his sights on her...and her power.

    Bait and Witch

    by Angela M. Sanders

    Witchy genre: Cozy mystery

    Josie Way loved working at the Library of Congress, but when she uncovers a plot of conspiracy and corruption and blows the whistle, she must go into hiding to stay safe. Now, living as Wilfred, she's working in an Oregon library until the trial begins. Everything is going great until she discovers a body in the woods...she also finds out that she's a descendent of witches and now has powers. Now, Josie must try to figure out this new aspect of her life while hunting down a killer.

    Payback's a Witch

    by Lana Harper

    Witchy genre: Romance

    Like many people, Emmy Harlow moved away from her family and small hometown for the big city to gain independence and forge her own path. Unlike many people, she also happens to be a witch. When her family guilt trips her into coming home for a spellcasting tournament, Emmy finds herself back in her small town of Thistle Grove, where people like Gareth Blackmoore are running around being powerful and gorgeous. Except Gareth isn't as charming as he seems — in fact, he's been cheating on Emmy's best friend, Linden Thorn, with Talia Avramov, a badass known for her skills in the dark arts. Linden, Talia, and Emmy decide to get revenge, but soon, Emmy finds herself more interested in getting to know Talia than getting payback.

    The Ex Hex

    by Erin Sterling

    Witchy genre: Romance

    When Vivienne Jones and Rhys Penhallow broke up nearly 10 years ago, Vivienne did what any young witch with a broken heart would do: She put an ex hex on him. But with only a scented candle on hand, she had no doubt the effects would be mild and inconvenient, at best. At least...that's what she thought, until Rhys showed up at their town of Graves Glen, Georgia, years later. His quick trip to the annual fall festival is suddenly plagued with a town full of murderous toys, a talking cat, and angry ghost, to name a few. Now these exes have to work together to reverse the curse, and more than a little magic sparks between them.

    Black Witch Magic

    by Mila Nicks

    Witchy genre: Paranormal romance

    An outcast in a town called Brimrock, Selene Blackstone prefers to spend time alone with books rather than people. As a witch cursed for all eternity, she doesn't seem to mind this. Enter paranormal investigator Aiden O’Hare who enters Selene's cozy New England town to further investigate Selene's grandmother, an evil witch. And when Selene becomes closer to Aiden, learning what he's here to do, she knows she must stop him.

    One Poison Pie

    by Lynn Cahoon

    Witchy genre: Cozy mystery

    Set in a town called Magic Springs, Idaho, Mia Malone could use a do-over. Dumped and unemployed, she finds herself in a mystical town where witches and warlocks openly practice magic. She opens a gourmet dinner delivery business, believing things are looking up. But when her first job results in the murder of her client, Mia soon learns that she is not only a suspect, but she may be next on the killer's list...

    Witch Please

    by Ann Aguirre

    Witchy genre: Romance

    Ready for another witchy rom-com? Danica Waterhouse is the co-owner of a magical tech repair shop called Fix-It Witches. After a recent breakup, Danica swears off involving her family in her love life. Titus Winnaker owns Sugar Daddy’s bakery, but he has a problem of his own: the romantic curse that’s left him a thirtysomething virgin. But then he meets Danica, and both of their situations get a little more complicated...


    by Suzanne Walker, Wendy Xu, Joamette Gil

    Witchy genre: Graphic novel

    This cozy graphic novel is perfect for those wanting a witchy read that isn't too spooky. Plus, the illustrations are gorgeous. Set in an atmospheric New England town, Nova works in her grandmothers' bookshop, used to supernatural occurrences. One evening, she stumbles upon her childhood crush, Tam Lang. Tam is a werewolf, and he needs Nova's help to prevent dark forces that are eager to claim the magic of wolves.

    The Once and Future Witches

    by Alix E. Harrow

    Witchy genre: Supernatural fantasy

    The year is 1893, and there is no such thing as witches. There used to be before the brutal burnings began, but not anymore. Enter James Juniper, Agnes Amaranth, and Beatrice Belladonna, three sisters who decide to join suffragists of New Salem. It's there that they realize they might transform this women's movement into the witch's movement using persistence, old magic, and the help of alliances.

    The Lighthouse Witches

    by C.J. Cooke

    Witchy genre: Thriller

    Liv is a single mother who is commissioned to paint a mural in a 100-year-old lighthouse on a remote Scottish island, so she bring along her three daughters. But when two go missing, Liv learns from the locals that wildlings exist: supernatural beings who mimic human children, created by witches for revenge. Twenty-two years later, one of the daughters, Luna, still searches for her mother and sisters. Then she receives a call about her sister, Clover. Only, Clove is still 7 years old, and Luna must return to the island if she wants answers.

    The Nature of Witches

    by Rachel Griffin

    Witchy genre: Young adult

    Clara is an Everwitch, whose magic is tied to every season, allowing her to control the climate. Her volatile powers have caused destruction to many of her loved ones and for this reason, Clara wishes the responsibility to harness this kind of magic did not fall onto her. But in order to do so, she must train with a witch named Sang. And as her magic continues to grow, so do her feelings for Sang.

    Labyrinth Lost

    by Zoraida Cordova

    Witchy genre: Young adult fantasy

    Alex was born a bruja, one of the most powerful witches of her generation. The only problem is she hates magic. In an attempt to free herself from her powers, she performs a spell at her Death Day celebration, but it backfires. Instead, her entire family disappears into thin air, leaving Alex alone with Nova, a brujo who can't be trusted. But Alex will have to let her guard down and let Nova help her get her family back before it's too late.

    The Witch Boy

    by Molly Ostertag

    Witchy genre: Graphic novel

    In Aster's family, girls are taught how to be witches and boys are taught how to be shapeshifters — anyone who crosses that boundary is exiled. But 13-year-old Aster still hasn't shifted yet and is drawn to witchery, even if it's forbidden to him. When a mysterious danger threatens the boys, Aster knows he can help...if only he could use witchcraft. A new nonmagical and nonconforming friend encourages Aster to test out his powers, but it'll take even more courage to save his family by being his true self.

    Akata Witch

    by Nnedi Okorafor

    Witchy genre: Young adult fantasy

    Twelve-year-old Sunny has never quite fit in, either in New York, where she was born or in Nigeria, where she currently lives. Sunny is albino and therefore extremely sensitive to the sun, which means relentless bullying and staying inside most of the day. But when her new friends introduce her to the world of the Leopard People, Sunny realizes she has powers she never expected. Now, along with her friends, Sunny will have to take down a powerful magical killer hunting down children.

    The Year of the Witching

    by Alexis Henderson

    Witchy genre: Fantasy

    Immanuelle lives in Bethel, where the word of the prophet is akin to law, conformity is the norm, and her very own existence as the result of a mixed-race relationship is considered blasphemous. Immanuelle tries to stay out of trouble, but when she accidentally ends up in the nearby forbidden woods, the spirits of four powerful witches bring her a gift: her late mother's journal. She's shocked to learn about her mother's fraternization with witches, but as Immanuelle keeps digging, she realizes the darkness doesn't lie with magic, but with the grim truth of the town itself.

    Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch

    by Rivka Galchen

    Witchy genre: Fiction

    Katharina is an illiterate widow who is known as much for her herbal tonics as she is for her successful scientist son, Johannes. But when Katharina is accused of poisoning a neighbor with a bitter, and perhaps magical, tonic, she's thrown in jail for suspected witchcraft. Using real historic documents, this novel follows Johannes as he tries to save his mother from the witchcraft hysteria of 1618.

    Kingdom of the Wicked

    by Kerri Maniscalco

    Witchy genre: Young adult paranormal romance

    If you like your witchy books with a side of demons, then this is the pick for you. Emilia comes from a family of streghe, witches who live in secret among humans. It's a secret that would put them in danger if anyone ever found out. But when Emilia finds her twin sister dead, she vows to seek justice. Even if that means using dark, forbidden magic to summon a demon prince that might hold the answers Emilia wants.

    Hex Hall

    by Rachel Hawkins

    Witchy genre: Young adult

    In this hilarious YA witchy tale, Sophie Mercer is punished for a spell gone wrong, shipped off to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium. This isn't ideal, and neither is making enemies with three of the most popular people at Hex Hall. But that's not all Sophie has to worry about, because a mysterious predator has been attacking students. Not only does this put everyone in danger, but Sophie soon learns her only friend is the number-one suspect.

    Serpent and Dove

    by Shelby Mahurin

    Witchy genre: Young adult

    Louise le Blanc has abandoned all her magic and fled her coven, finding solstice in the city of Cesarine, where witches like Lou are feared and hunted. Reid Diggory is one of those witch hunters. After a wicked stunt forces them into the impossible union of holy matrimony, they find themselves bound together by the church. But Louise has enemies. It's why she fled in the first place, and they're catching up to her...

    Witches Steeped in Gold

    by Ciannon Smart

    Witchy genre: Young adult fantasy

    Smart's Jamaican-inspired YA fantasy debut novel is a fascinating read full of rich worldbuilding, complex magical systems, and high-stakes drama. Jazmyne, the queen's daughter, refuses to die to strengthen her mother's power. Meanwhile, Iraya has spent her life imprisoned. When these two witches enter an alliance to take down a mutual threat, they don't expect the dangerous and deadly lengths they'll have to go to in order to succeed.

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