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We Made Beyoncé's Lemonade And It Was Interesting

Bey likes her lemonade SWEEEEET.

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Hi. This is us — Lara and Sheridan. Like many people throughout the world, we're obsessed with Beyoncé's landmark work Lemonade.

It was pretty amazing.

But while the world went cray-cray over the existence of Becky with the good hair, one thing stuck out in our great her lemonade must taste. At one point in a spoken-word interlude, Bey actually ~reveals~ her grandmother's lemonade recipe.

So we felt it was our civic duty to try to make it. Here we go!


You'll need:

8 lemons


Citrus press

Zester (or be like us and fuck it up with a knife)

2 jugs


We threw in a cutting board to make it nice and easy to cut those lemons.


Lara: First things first, this lemonade is GOOD. If life hands me a shit ton of lemons, I definitely think this lemonade would make it a little bit better. I mean, probably because of all the sugar, but it's like a better version of ice cream. Did it give me a cavity? Probably. Do I care? Not really. It was worth it. It tastes like sugar and lemons. But sugar and lemons are delicious. So.

Sheridan: You know how that frat boy is cute at first because they're really into the gym, wearing beanies in the summertime unironically, and listening to the Black Keys because they think it makes them hip? But pretty soon you're like, ABORT THE MISSION, ABORT THE MISSION. Yeah, that's this lemonade — the first sip is like yummmm and then suddenly we're transported into Nopetown.

Lara: I rate it a 4/5 because while it's fucking delicious, it's hard to stomach at once because of all the sugar. Add in some alcohol and more water and it would be damn near perfect. My dentist would be pissed at me, though.


Sheridan: 2/5. I like my syrup on my pancakes, not as its own drink.