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We Decided To Re-Create Iconic Playboy Covers And Here's What Happened

Hello bunny ears.

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You miiiight have heard of Playboy. It's a magazine that's been around for a gobsmacking 63 years!


It was started in 1953 by the infamous Hugh Hefner, and is pretty much how everyone got their porn between then and the invention of the internet.

In March of 2016, the magazine decided it would no longer show full-frontal nudity. But by February 2017, the magazine decided it would feature nudity again.

Cooper Hefner, the chief creative officer at Playboy, said, "I'll be the first to admit that the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated, but removing it entirely was a mistake. Nudity was never the problem because nudity isn't a problem. Today we're taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are."


And while the magazine featured many gorgeous models and celebrities over the years, there was never really any who identified as plus-size.

The closest you might get is Anna Nicole Smith, who posed for the magazine a few times throughout her life.

In an effort to show that plus-size women can be sexy, five women re-created iconic covers. Here's what happened:

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Sheridan as Kate Moss (2014)

Sheridan: After years of not once getting mistaken for Kate Moss (shocking, I know), it felt ridiculous for me to try and re-create her cover for the 60th anniversary issue. But I wanted to do this particular photo because a) hello, it's Kate Moss, and b) wearing the iconic bunny ears and tail was too good to pass up. This pose, however, is way easier said than done. It turns out sitting on your knees on a hard floor loses its allure after college (a-yo). I hope I did the pose justice, and I hope that Kate calls me because I would get a divorce for her in a second.*

*I'm just kidding.**

**No, I'm not.

Kelsey Rose as Pamela Anderson (1999)

Kelsey Rose: I was excited for this shoot because what girl doesn't want to have her glam Pam Anderson moment?!?! However, then it hit me that I had to live up to this iconic cover and that's when I got super nervous! Pam is a sex symbol and I do NOT consider myself to be sexy so this shoot put me a bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm always up for a challenge. I think the photo turned out better than I expected and I am super proud of myself for literally baring it all for the world to see.


Kristin as Farrah Fawcett (1978)

Kristin: I like to call this pose the “casual pretzel” — it LOOKS like I’m just having a chill no-pants party for one, but trying to hold this exact pose for 10–15 minutes straight required Hunger Games-amounts of focus. In reality, Farrah Fawcett probably did this pose one time for three seconds and then the photo was taken that moment and that’s the one they used. Everybody has different “casual” poses that come naturally to them, and this pose just happens to not be one of my natural “just hanging out, chewing on some wood” poses. But HEY, this turned out alright! I’m getting better at this.

Jazzmyne as Elle Macpherson (1994)

Jazzmyne: Going into re-creating this photo I literally practiced this pose for A WHILE before. Like, I physically do not understand HOW Elle McPherson got her legs crossed up by her chin as well as both feet on the ground ALL WHILE looking like a total badass. I clearly struggled and I kind of knew already that this was not going to happen for me and my body. I did the pose as well as I could, as in I was definitely sweating afterwards!

Abia as Carmen Electra (2003)

Abia: This experience was very fun — it was way out of my comfort zone, yet something I've always wanted to do. As a "bigger" woman, society has made me feel like I do not have a right to feel sexy, or that because we have curves, we can ONLY considered as sexual objects. I really think this helped me find the balance of confidence and sexy all in one.


Sheridan: I find it very bizarre that people are judged pretty much only by their looks. Like, a person can be traditionally "hot" but have the world's worst personality and somehow that's better than someone with a few sizes larger who's the funniest person in the world. All I'm saying is there's no limit to what can be sexy, and underneath ALL our perfect bodies, perfect boobs, and perfect cheekbones is a creepy skeleton holding us all together.

Kelsey Rose: This shoot proved to me that sexy is not just on the outside but also on the inside — the more women feel sexy on the inside, the more we can really celebrate diverse bodies. Feeling all glammed up, big lips and all, was a great reminder that we all have an inner sex kitten waiting to be unleashed.

Kristin: Whether you like it or not, sexiness is relative — if it wasn’t, there’d only be one kind of porn. And there isn’t, as far as I am aware. But that means that seeing plus-size women be sexy is just as valid as seeing other women be sexy. You deserve to feel good about your body, and people who say you shouldn’t have no legal jurisdiction over your emotional state.

Jazzmyne: Overall, I was not really nervous about anything because I knew I would try to make this my own. I mean my body does not look anything like Elle's anyways, so I might as well make it for me. I really felt empowered re-creating this because I truly believe that it can open the eye of everyone to understand that sexy is a state of mind instead of a specific body type.

Abia: I hope to see more girls AND guys of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, and identities dive into things like this, because you never know who you are inspiring. Even if it's one person out of the whole entire world, IT IS WORTH IT!