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You Have To See Mandy Moore's Face When Asked About The "Tangled" And "Frozen" Fan Theory

"That’s a pretty morbid fan theory."

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If you are a human being, chances are you've seen — or at least heard of — the Disney movies Frozen and Tangled.

They are both very popular.

And as any fan of the two Disney movies knows, there are plenty of theories that connect Frozen and Tangled.

One big — and pretty sad — one is the reason why Rapunzel and Flynn attend Elsa's coronation.

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You know how Elsa and Anna's parents' ship went down in the storm? Well, people seem to think they were on their way to Flynn and Rapunzel's wedding.

Included in this theory is that Elsa and Anna's parents' ship is the one Ariel stumbles across in The Little Mermaid.

TVLine decided to ask Mandy Moore — aka the voice of Rapunzel — about it, and let's just say she had a lot of emotions:

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She said:

That's a pretty morbid fan theory. It feels like someone is really reaching into Lost territory or something... There is no connection as far as I know... But sure, people can imagine what they will all day; that's their prerogative.

Let's take a journey through Mandy's on-point facial expressions. There's shock:


And a "OK, y'all are crazy" look:

Let's ask Mandy about every Disney theory ever, please.

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