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Hugh Jackman Didn't Know Wolverines Actually Exist And Why Is This So Funny

Why is this so funny to me?

Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for something like 17 years now.

20th Century Fox

He's turned him into the most iconic X-Men character.

20th Century Fox

Don't @ me.

But in a recent interview with the Associated Press, Hugh revealed that he studied wolves prior to shooting the first X-Men BECAUSE HE DIDN'T KNOW WOLVERINES EXISTED:

I didn't even know there was a wolverine. I literally, embarrassingly did about two weeks of research on wolves. I was rehearsing for three weeks and I was shooting, so I was kind of on my own. I remember going past an IMAX in Toronto, and there was an IMAX documentary about wolves, and so I thought, 'I'll go and see that.'

It's just too fucking good. When he showed up to shoot, director Bryan Singer was like, "WTF, dude?":

[Singer] said, "Are you sort of walking funny, what's going on?" And I said, "I've been doing this thing with wolves," and he goes, "You know you're not a wolf, right?"

I said, "Well, there's no such thing as a wolverine." [Singer said] "Go to the zoo, dude." I literally didn't know it existed.

Just as a reminder, here is a wolf:

Getty Images

And here is a wolverine:

Getty Images

Glad we got that straightened out, Hugh.

Mike Coppola / FilmMagic
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