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    Oct 7, 2019

    Here Are 29 Of The Best Adult Halloween Costumes You Can Get At Walmart

    Prepare to be serving some super spooky ~lewks.~

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Swedish Fish costume so you can finally embody your all-time-favorite candy.


    This costume includes an over-the-head tunic with see-through eye holes.

    Price: $44.41 (Available in one size)

    2. A Princess Peach costume you might think is almost too pink and too perfect to wear...but just almost.


    This set includes a dress, petticoat, and crown headband.

    Price: $53.89+ (available in sizes M–XL)

    3. An inflatable costume that'll let you be Rex from Toy Story 4.


    This costume features scaly skin, Rex's signature expression, and gloves for the end of each arm.

    Promising Review: "This is possibly the best thing I have ever purchased. The kids even fit in it!"—Aliya

    Price: $69.99 (available in one size)

    4. A PB&J couples costume so you'll be able to pair up with the peanut butter to your jelly.


    This set includes one peanut butter tunic and one jelly tunic.

    Price: $33.93 (available in one-size)

    5. A creepy clown costume that'll let you unleash your inner-IT.


    This costume includes a striped dress with pom pom accents and a frilly, lacy neckpiece.

    Promising Review: "Perfect! It exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Good price, good quality, correct size, and fast delivery."—cscaquetti

    Price: $31.95+ (available in sizes XS–XL)

    6. A 1920s bathing suit costume you'll need if you're in the mood to look like a frilly, vintage dream.


    This set includes a tunic, bloomers, knee socks, and a matching mop cap.

    Price: $28.42+ (available in sizes M–L)

    7. A bright yellow sun, perfect for anyone with a sunny disposition.


    This costume includes a comfy yellow sun tunic.

    Price: $31.98 (available in one-size)

    8. A Greek goddess costume that'll give off major mythology vibes.


    This costume includes an ombré gown and headpiece.

    Promising Review: "Way better than I expected. When I took it home and tried it on, it looked really good, was very comfortable, and was so pretty. I can't wait 'til Halloween!"—MomOf3KidsAndHusband

    Price: $32.89 (available in sizes 16–20)

    9. A pirate costume for when you want to turn that walk across the plank more of a strut.


    This set includes a sleeved vest, pants, belt, wrist cuffs, and a scarf headpiece.

    Price: $36.62+ (available in sizes S–XL)

    10. A sassy Cleopatra costume everyone will be jealous of, including the Queen of the Nile herself.


    This set includes a dress, attached belt, cape, collar, headpiece, and wrist cuffs.

    Promising Review: "This costume was really awesome considering how affordable it was! It's true to size, the material is of really great quality, and every part of the costume is stunning."—Cleopatra123

    Price: $32.89+ (available in sizes S–XL)

    11. A Super Mario Brothers Toad costume for when you wanna rep your favorite video game but look super cute at the same time.


    This costume includes a dress, vest, and hat.

    Price: $35.99 (available in sizes18–20)

    12. A groovy disco costume that'll have you dancing and "stayin' alive" all night long.


    This set includes a jacket, vest, and bell bottom pants.

    Price: $37.49+ (available in sizes XS–XL)

    13. A mad scientist costume because sometimes you just wanna dress as wild as you feel.


    This costume includes a lab coat, belt, and gloves.

    Price: $32.26+ (available in sizes 42-44" and 46-48")

    14. An elaborate white rabbit costume that'll have you looking great — even if you're running late for a very important date!


    This set includes a velvet jacket, vest, top hat with ears, and pocket watch accessory.

    Price: $28.34+ (available in sizes M-2XL)

    15. Or an edgy Alice costume so you can fall down the rabbit hole in style.


    Promising Review: "This was a hit. Everyone complemented me on this costume! I wore it with the tights pictured and did my makeup scary with a white wig. I suggest getting a petticoat so it poofs out more."—Alice

    Price: $30.39+ (available in sizes S-4X)

    16. A Buzz Lightyear costume that'll take your Halloween look to ~infinity and beyond~.


    This costume includes a jumpsuit and hood.

    Promising Review: "This costume was great! And such a great price! It is a jumpsuit so my husband was able to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt underneath for the cold weather, and it was easy to take off to go grocery shopping after the event was over. I will definitely be saving it for next year."—BwilkinsB

    Price: $19.97+ (available in sizes L-2XL)

    17. A Stranger Things Jim Hopper costume that'll make you feel straight outta Hawkins.


    This costume includes a shirt, pants, a hat, belt, and badges.

    Price: $54.97+ (available in one-size).

    18. Or a Demogorgon costume in case you want to terrorize some Stranger Things fans while trick-or-treating.


    This costume includes a jumpsuit, hand covers, feet covers, and a mask.

    Price: $69.99+ (available in one-size)

    19. A witch costume that'll cast a spell on everyone who sees you in it because it's such a ~lewk~.


    This costume includes a dress, belt, and matching hat.

    Price: $37.49+ (available in sizes S-4X)

    20. A fashionable graveyard ghost costume so you can be the hottest ghoul at the cemetery.


    This set includes a jacket, bustier, leggings, and neck tie.

    Price: $41.49+ (available in sizes S-XL)

    21. A Popeye costume you'll love even if you hate spinach.


    This set includes a shirt, pants, collar, hat, belt, and two muscle arms.

    Promising Review: "This costume was the hit of the costume party! My husband said it was the best costume he's ever had."—roniii

    Price: $16.52 (available in sizes S-5X)

    22. A disco dazzler costume for when you feel like tearing up the dance floor.


    This costume includes a glitter top and glitter pants.

    Price: $32.14 (available in sizes 1X-3X)

    23. A lion costume that'll have you feeling like the king of the jungle while also keeping you nice 'n' warm.


    This costume includes a lion top with attached tail, hood with ears, and furry fingerless gloves.

    Price: $42.97+ (Available in sizes M–2XL)

    24. A slinky Disney Ursula costume for when you want to look so you good, you actually make people lose their voices.


    This set includes a dress, wig, and necklace.

    Price: $75.88+ (available in sizes S–XL)

    25. This saloon girl costume that'll make you feel the perfect amount of sassy.


    This set includes a dress, detachable sleeves, a feathered comb, and neckpiece.

    Price: $57.86 (available in sizes XL–3XL)

    26. A Beetlejuice bride costume for when you want to showcase a strange and unusual style (and look great doing it!).


    This set includes a dress and matching veil.

    Price: $35.49+ (available in sizes S–4X)

    27. A cozy fawn costume because sometimes, you want to go straight from a Halloween party into bed.


    This costume includes a zip-up fleece dress with ears, antlers, and a tail.

    Promising Review: "This costume was very nice and well made. Thicker material than I was expecting and great quality."—Makeit2last

    Price: $35.68+ (available is sizes S–XL)

    28. A simple sushi costume so you can to rep your favorite roll.


    This costume includes a simple sushi tunic featuring salmon, wasabi, rice, and veggies.

    Price: $19.99 (available in one-size)

    29. And a Riverdale Vixens cheerleader costume that'll have you channeling your inner-Cheryl Blossom.


    This set includes a top, skirt, and pom poms.

    Price: $36.68+ (available in sizes S–L)

    How you'll feel rolling up to the Halloween party in any of these costumes:

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