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    23 Times People Realized That They Weren't Young And Hip Anymore

    Hey, we're all still young at heart!

    Recently, we shared the moments people of Reddit discovered they weren't young anymore. It inspired so many responses from the BuzzFeed Community, we decided to share even more "Damn, I'm old" moments. Here are some realizations that might hit a little too close to home:


    1. "I’m 35, and it just recently, like, CLEARLY occurred to me that I’m no longer a youth when I heard a teenager talk about the video for the song 'Hey Ya!' by Outkast and say, 'that’s just how they wore their hair back then.'"

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    2. "When my sister, cousins, and I were at my parents' house, and we had to tell the kids to wait before getting back in the pool. It hit us, right then, that we used to be the kids."


    3. "I realized when I watch TV and movies now, I relate to the parents instead of the teens. It’s almost like watching new episodes."


    4. "When I went to the 'young adult' bible study at church and realized I was no longer a young adult."


    5. "When I realized how happy I was to snag the very last Squatty Potty on the shelf at Walmart on a Saturday night."


    6. "I came home and was bummed out. My wife asked what happened, and I told her I was getting gas at the station and this young guy approached me and said 'Sir, can you tell me what time it is?' It deflated my ego because I thought I was still considered a 'hey, dude' or 'hey, man.'”


    7. "When I decided to watch Riverdale when it first came out because Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich were in it. Yep, I was watching a teen show for the dads!"

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    8. "What fucked me up was realizing I’m the age my father was when he had me. Part of that was an 'I’m old' thing, but mostly it was the profound realization that there's no such thing as 'adults.' The sense that your parents are prepared for things, or settled in their lives, or competent on a high level is an illusion you needed to have as a child, but adults are really just idiot 22-year-olds who kept on living."


    9. "When I honked at the kids at the bus stop and mouthed to them to 'knock it off' when they were grabbing a kid by his backpack and swinging him around."


    10. "When the cashier at Toys 'R' Us asked me if I was buying gifts for my grandkids. I'm 47. I know it's possible, but it still hurt."


    11. "I work for a mentoring program for high school students, and two boys were horsing around like teens normally do. I was standing nearby when one of the boys said a swear word and the other one scolded him and said, 'Why are you cursing in front of the lady? Sorry ma’am.' I looked around and realized I was the 'ma’am.' 😞"


    12. "For me, it was the first time I was referred to as my son's mom for my identifier: 'Zack's mom is here.' I was like, 'OMG, that's me. I'm Zack's mom, and that's how these people know me.'"

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    13. "When a new kid I hired told me I was old enough to be his mom...and I realized I was single, childless, and actually older than his mother."


    14. "When the kids I babysat as a teen, who were too young to even remember me, had multiple kids before I'd even had any kids myself."


    15. "When I bought an issue of People magazine and most of the articles were about people I'd never heard of."


    16. "I mean, I knew I was old, but when American Girl released a historical character from 1986, that’s when it got real."

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    17. "When a younger coworker didn't know Justin Timberlake was in NSYNC. She thought he was just a solo artist!"


    18. "I'm in healthcare and when I document, I frequently use the pound sign to denote weight. I had a clinical student who watched me document, looked at it, then looked at me and after a pause, asked 'hashtag?'"


    19. "When I heard My Chemical Romance on a classic rock station (I was an adult when they were popular, so I felt really old)."

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    20. "When I had a pregnancy scare and everyone was excited about the idea. It hit me that it was 'socially acceptable' to have a kid at my age, and it terrified me. Got my period a few days later. 🙏🏽"


    21. "When I wore a shirt from my senior year of high school (2008) for Spirit Week, and one of my students told me excitedly that was the year they were born."


    22. "When I found out they get emails instead of mail on Blue's Clues now."


    23. And finally, "I realized I was old while checking out BuzzFeed's lists of cleaning products."


    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity

    Have you had any, "Damn, I'm old" moments? Share them in comments below!

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