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13 Howard Stern Moments That Weren't OK When They Happened, And Aren't OK Now

"Are you wearing underwear tonight?"

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share which Howard Stern moments they thought were totally inappropriate and uncalled for. Here are the responses:

Warning: Some submissions include topics of sexual assault.

1. When he asked Sarah Michelle Gellar how hairy her vagina was, and commented that she must look like "a little baby":

Howard stern asking sarah if she "shaves everything", sarah responding that she waxes, and howard saying she must look like a naked baby down there

Suggested by: lindsayh825

2. And then, when he told told Freddie Prinze Jr. that his engagement and marriage to Sarah Michelle Gellar wouldn't last 10 years, and he actually made a bet with Freddie that he'd eventually cheat on her:

Howard stern telling freddie, "what are you gonna do after 10 years with the same chick, you're gonna cheat"

Suggested by: gryzzzz16

3. When he spoke to Rose McGowen about her breakup with Marilyn Manson, and then twisted her words and talked shit about her to Manson shortly after:

Howard pressing Rose about manson's drug use, rose giving an honest response, and howard trashing her for talking about the drug use to manson on a later episode

Suggested by: lavalampost

4. When he pushed Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots to describe the sexual abuse he experienced as a teen:

The Howard Stern Show

Suggested by: lauris9502

5. When he objectified the shit out of Heather Locklear and constantly talked about having sex with her:

Howard saying he'll probably have sex with heather, how he hopes she wears a short dress, and that he hopes her newborn daughter is as hot as her
Howard TV

Suggested by: kymwitmer

6. When he body-shamed Anna Nicole Smith and tried to force her to weigh herself during her interview:

Howard telling anna nicole she dresses like she doesn't know. she's a heavyset woman, and asking her to get on the scale so he could guess her weight

Suggested by: danielleh4fa1a4fab

7. When he mocked Selena and her fans, and played gunshots over her music on-air after her death:

Howard's comment: I have no idea why she would be popular over somebody else. Spanish people have the worst taste in music
Getty Images/Vinnie Zuffante

Suggested by: cranebird

8. When he joked about Harry Styles having sex with his female therapist after Harry opened up about needing therapy:

Howard telling harry he should have a male therapist instead, and then making a joke about how harry's going to fuck his female therapist
The Howard Stern Show

Suggested by: asyoufindmenow

9. When he trivialized the 1999 Columbine shooting — particularly the female victims:

Howard's comment: A bunch of good looking girls go to that school. ... did those kids try to have sex with any of the good looking girls? At least if you're gonna go kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't you have some sex?
Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection / Via Getty Images

Suggested by: cheesemonster

10. When he sexually harassed Mariah Carey during her interview and she was clearly uncomfortable:

Howard asking mariah if she's wearing underwear, and her saying he's making a mockery of her

Suggested by: lightsup333

11. When he told Emily Blunt that she and her ex Michael Bublé had been "perfect together" despite the fact that she was married to John Krasinski, and also brought up cheating rumors:

Howard saying that the relationship ended because michael was unfaithful, emily hesitating to respond, and then saying, "it's complicated"
The Howard Stern Show

12. When he asked Robert Downey Jr. if he finished inside his wife when they had sex:

Howard's comment: You're not coming inside of Susan, but you're pulling out? ... Where do you finish? Susan, where does he come? On the chest, or the back

Suggested by: noo53dju2242

13. And finally, when he interviewed John Wayne Bobbitt — who had emotionally, physically, and sexually abused his then-wife Lorena Bobbitt — and made these absolutely disgusting comments:

Howard stern saying he doesn't believe that john raped lorena, because she's not that good-looking

Suggested by: decibel1191