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    Here's What Happened When Priyanka Chopra Visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

    The actress spoke to Kimmel about Quantico, Indians, and her childhood crush.

    Indian actress Priyanka Chopra visited Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about Quantico, the ABC drama that piloted this past Sunday, and on which she plays the lead.

    Watch me on @Jimmy Kimmel – Tonight on ABC! #KIMMEL #Quantico

    The interview featuring Priyanka Chopra airs tonight in the USA.

    Apart from talking about the show, Kimmel and Chopra discussed her childhood, and the real reason she moved to the United States when she was 12.

    ABC Studios

    The actress also waxed eloquent on some of the common misconceptions people have about Indians.

    ABC Studios

    She then proceeded to drop a real shocker, confessing her childhood crush in front of everyone.

    ABC Studios

    And then... this happened.

    ABC Studios

    Chopra also read out some "mean tweets", a Jimmy Kimmel tradition of sorts, which we're already dying to see.

    @priyankachopra getting ready for #MeanTweets @jimmykimmel @QuanticoTV

    And finally, she had a message for everyone who thinks they might have figured out Quantico after the first episode.

    ABC Studios

    Keep slayin', Queen Pri. 👏👏👏

    Here's a clip of Priyanka Chopra on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which airs tonight:

    View this video on YouTube

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