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20 Wrong Assumptions People Have Made Based On How I Look

Never judge a book by its cover.

1. "That because I'm skinny I don't work out!"

2. "I'm an immigrant. No, you asshole, I was born here."

3. "Because of my booty, people assume I want to be objectified."

4. "That I'm definitely bluffing when I say I love video games."

5. "People think I like Pumpkin Spice Lattes."

6. "I have no soul."

7. "That I like girls because I'm a tomboy and I like to play SPORTZ."

8. "I don't play basketball just because I'm 6'0''."

9. "That because I'm short, people think I have a complex about it. Nope, I don't give a fuck."

10. "That I like being compared to Harry Potter because I have a scar on my forehead. (LMAO, no.)"

11. "People think I'm aloof because I have crazy hair and listen to obscure music."

12. "My smile doesn't mean I'm flirting with you. (#RestingFriendlyFace)"

13. "That I'm intimidating because I have a 'resting bitch face' and am tall."

14. "Because I'm well dressed, people assume I'm not outdoorsy. But I have a fucking lemon tree in my apartment."

15. "That I don't eat because I am thin."

16. "People think I'm a baby. But I'm actually a grown-up."

17. "That I'm nice...but I'm not."

18. "That I'm not queer just because I wear femme clothes and makeup."

19. "That I'm ditzy because I'm blonde."

20. "People think I'm in my twenties, but I'm in my thirties...OK, forties."

"When people first meet me they often think I'm younger than my actual age (42), sometimes much younger. This may sound great to most people, and don't get me wrong. I usually enjoy it — however, I do feel that others do underestimate and dismiss me as being naive and inexperienced. I also worry that I buy into the illusion that I am younger and may not take care of myself in a way that's appropriate for someone my age.

"But then I think, Whatever, fuck appropriate."

Will Varner

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UPDATE: A photo has been removed at the request of the subject.