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    15 Ways To Keep That Crazy Post-Workout Hunger From Ruining Your Results

    For when your stomach is an actual black hole.

    You've been working out more and that's great! But your stomach has become a bottomless pit and you can't stop eating everything in sight.

    Your revved up appetite is actually the result of your body trying to replace lost calories.

    1. Keep in mind that most people seriously overestimate the amount of food they need when they're starving after a workout.

    2. So avoid making food decisions based on what a calorie tracker tells you.

    3. When you do sit down to eat, slow down so that you give your body a chance to feel full.

    4. Don't wait until you're hungry AF to get food in your system.

    5. Make sure you're eating the right amount of protein and fat so that your meals are actually filling.

    6. Try to eat a majority of the protein on your plate first, before going for the fat and carbs.

    7. Make sure you're recovering from your workouts and getting enough sleep at night.

    8. Plan your workouts around your meals.

    9. Or if you can't do that, at least eat something 30 minutes to an hour before and after you work out.

    10. Trying different kinds of exercise (which require different kinds of fuel) might also reduce workout hunger.

    11. If you're working out for two hours or more, have a high-carb snack while you're exercising.

    12. Save your desserts for after your workout — but don't just automatically eat one because you "deserve it."

    13. Try to keep your meals as regular and as consistent as possible.

    14. Don't forget to drink a lot of water. It can actually help keep you full.

    15. And last but not least, remember that everyone's body is different and that some things that work for others may not work for you and vice versa.

    And keep in mind, you've been working out more and you should be proud of that! Keep it up!