Shannen Maas
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    • Shannen Maas

      PETA has amazing vegan outreach programs that I am grateful for. I’d like them to put more effort into finding homes for the healthy animals that they put down though, or partner with one of the other rescue orgs to bring the death numbers down (hopefully eliminated completely!) But for everyone who is criticizing PETA for euthanizing animals, you need to do your part by adopting companion animals and having them neutered and spayed…this is the only way to eliminate this problem. Let’s not rely on big non-profits to do all the work for us!

    • Shannen Maas

      In order for milk to be produced by a cow, she must first become pregnant. Since milk production is the entire point of a dairy farm they have to force the cows to mate in order to conceive, this even happens on the “free range organic” farms. If you ask me, that’s rape, and rape isn’t okay with me no matter what the species is. After the cow gives birth her calf is always taken from her, also know as kidnapping. Why do they do this? Because if the calf and the mother stay together the calf will drink her milk, and the dairy farmers won’t have a product to profit from. If the calves are boys they are taken and sold to veal farmers so they are confined the tiny stalls for their entire short lives. If the cows are girls they are taken and forced to live the same lives as their mothers. The dairy cows are forced to give birth as many times as they can in order for the farmer to get the most bag for their buck. I’ve watch cows being born on small quaint “happy” family farms, and the calves are taken from their mothers immediately, and their mothers will chase after them and cry. They will even try to break through enclosures to get to their babies, and each baby that they will ever have will be taken from them. If that’s not a good enough reason to go vegan I don’t know what is. Being vegetarian is misleading. You would actually save more animals if you ate meat and abstained from dairy and eggs. When boy chicks hatch they are thrown into a big chipper because they are “useless” to the egg farmers. More animals die every year because of eggs and dairy than meat alone.

    • Shannen Maas

      This is by far one of the most ignorant comments on the entire thread. First of all, that article that you are referencing was written by someone who knew next to nothing about what they were writing about, you should do your own research before you try to make yourself sound like some sort of authority on I am vegan, I have been for years and I think I’ve eaten quinoa on fewer than 10 occasions, and two of those occasions the quinoa had been grown in my friend’s backyard. Most vegans I know stay away from quinoa because we were the first to know about the crisis in Central America. Most of the omnivores I know load up on quinoa and could care less about the ethics of food in general. And seeing as vegans only make up 2% of the global population I would find it hard to believe that we are solely to blame for the quinoa issue, come on now Perish let’s be logical. Being vegan means committing to minimize the amount of suffering you cause in the world, this includes humans and it means being cognizant of where your food is sourced from and what needed to happen for you to enjoy it. I buy a majority of my food from local organic farmers who partner with the Food Empowerment Project to ensure that their products are ethical for humans, animals and the earth. I very much resent your statement that insinuates that vegans don’t care about people in third world countries, it’s baseless and self-serving. I went vegan when I learned about how people in third world countries were starving because their countries export their native grains to feed cows and pigs in US factory farms. Oppression is interconnected and the ONLY people I know who acknowledge that fact are fellow vegans. Let me ask you what you do for social justice? Quit complaining about vegans and do something to end suffering.

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