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The 19 Most Annoying Things About Being Vegan

Trust me, I am one. Sometimes it's just as tiresome for us as it is for everyone else.

1. People who pronounce it "vaygun."

2. Everyone you know is suddenly a nutrition expert.

3. Suboptimal fake meats

4. The vegan option at a restaurant is ALWAYS a wrap.

5. The vegan option at a wedding is ALWAYS grilled vegetables.

6. And let's not even talk about continental breakfast at a hotel...

7. Getting constantly trapped under the weight of your own logic...

8. Secretly finding this funny.

9. People saying "humans are 'meant' to be carnivores."

10. Getting lumped in with the gluten-free people.

11. The "vegan at a dinner party" joke.

12. No, seriously. The "vegan at a dinner party" joke.

13. People saying stuff like this and thinking they've vanquished you with their genius.

14. Not being able to eat cheese.

15. Cake at the office.

16. People who don't know peanut butter doesn't have butter and coconut milk doesn't have milk.

17. Being called a hypocrite if you feed your pet meat, and crazy if you don't.

18. Other Vegans

19. And, finally...the comment section for every article ever written about veganism.

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