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33 Ways You Know You Were A Youth Group Kid

Hey, can I borrow your Jars of Clay CD to bring to the lock-in?

1. You were so excited that your crush was also going to the lock-in.

2. You know ALL the hand motions to "Lord I Lift Your Name On High."

3. You had one of these. (Extra point if you had your name embossed on the cover in gold.)

4. You at one point decided to kiss dating good-bye.

5. You jumped on one of these at camp every summer.

6. This was the greatest album you'd ever heard.

7. Or this.

8. No, wait, THIS.

9. You burned all of your secular CDs at a church bonfire but then "backslid" and bought new copies of everything.

10. You used curse word substitutes like "son of a biscuit," "frickin'," "what the fudge," and "dad gum it."

11. You were allowed to get whatever you wanted...from here.

12. This was your pastor's favorite phrase.

13. Every Wednesday night you were at Fuel, The Edge, Fire, Reverb, The Blaze, Kindle, or Echo.

14. You said "just" a lot when you had to pray out loud.

15. You went on a mission trip to Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, Ghana, Nicaragua, Uganda, or Venezuela.

16. Your parents bought you a purity ring.

17. You had this shirt.

18. Or this one.

19. Or this one.

20. You prayed at school during "See You at the Pole."

21. You rode all around town in one of these.

22. You knew the best Sunday school kids had Bibles that looked like this.

23. You were encouraged to "share your testimony" with your classmates.

24. You went to TGI Friday's after youth group with a party of 14, and everyone ordered water.

25. You knew the most important question in the world was "How far is too far?"

26. You had that one girl who would always cry and be dramatic when praying out loud. (Or you WERE that girl.)

27. You signed a "True Love Waits" pledge.

28. Instead of Halloween, you went to your church's "Harvest Festival."

29. All the concerts you went to gave you the opportunity to sponsor a kid.

30. You "guarded your heart" or knew someone who guarded their heart.

31. Your youth pastor had a soul patch.

32. Your parents would only let you listen to TruthFM, WayFM, The BridgeFM, HopeFM, LightFM, ShineFM, or PraiseFM. (Safe for the whole family!)

33. You wore this 24/7.