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This Is The Most Inappropriate Game Of "Countdown" You Will Play Today

This goes without saying, but NSFW.

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1. Let's start with this easy one.

Hint: It starts with the letter 'W' and is six letters long.

2. How about this one?

Hint: It begins with the letter 'F' and it is a very common swearword.

3. This word was deemed a bit inappropriate.

Hint: It can be a four letter swearword or a very sexy eight letter word.

4. Let's make it a little bit more difficult.

Hint: It is a part of a woman's anatomy and a childish word to shout.

5. Let's make this sexual.

Hint: It is something that you do whilst doing sex. Well you hope, anyway.

6. How about this one for size?

Hint: It is something that men can sometimes get a bit worried about.

7. There's several words you can spell out from this.

Hint: It is either a slang for erection or a word for someone who talks too much.

8. There's also several rude words you can use here.

Hint: It is a childish word and the first letter in it is a 'P'.

9. They suggested 'cagiest'. But there is a ruder word.

Hint: It is something that happens weekly as an adult, or more as a student.

10. This is a real conundrum from Countdown. Can you find the unrude word from this following one?

Hint: The first part of the word is 'grasp' and the second is 'able'.

11. Now let's do some other conundrums, courtesy of that slightly weird 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Hint: There once was a woman called Liz, who really couldn't handle this quiz.

12. Can you work out this conundrum?

Hint: It is something you walk down on a hot day, near a beach.

13. And finally, can you beat this boasty conundrum?

Hint: A word that means you are very sharp and can find small details.

Bet you can't think of anything bar the word 'vastboner' right now, though.