Reporting To You X



Hope you've been studying IMDb.

Four words that shook the world.

Two letters. That's all you get.

At least according to us.

Don't forget your ABCs!

Do you love solving anagrams or do you just love food?

Are you hungry, or are you yrhugn?

Have you bean around the block?

*Eyes emoji*

Warning: Lots of block letters ahead.

Pawnee is a big city...

How many can you place on the map?

Once a PBS kid, always a PBS kid.

Can you get a [100 emoji] on this quiz?

Find out how the cookie crumbles.

Good luck, fast-food friends.


How big of a Disney fan are you REALLY?

*turns on my walkman*

Wuthering Heights? More like Withering Frights.

How's your college movie knowledge?

Little hamsters, big adventures.

Are you a superstar?

So many explosion emojis.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of Disney's most underrated films. It also has a large cast of zany characters like no other. Can you name them?

Hats off to you if you can!

Catching Pokémon truly is an art in itself.

Gotta guess 'em all!

Can you guess them all?


Poor unfortunate emojis.

Valar Morghulis.

"You're watching Disney Channel!"

We're so sorry about this.

A yellow square has a really annoying laugh.

A dazzling quiz you never knew.


Can you pass this name game?

I am free as my hair... ♪ ♫

15/15 makes you a Master of Cheeseology.

Who voiced these beloved characters?

Good luck!

What team? WILDCATS!

Newts Hoe Shrimp DNA was such an awesome show!

♫ I scream, you scream / Gimme that, gimme that ice cream ♫

And the Oscar goes to...

"Ohana means family."

Let's see how obsessed you really are.

♫ I want to be a boy forever, AH! ♫

To film or not to film — that is the question.

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