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15 Times "Bake Off" Made You Hope That Everyone Was Really Pissed

Mary Berry's reactions to gin? Like nothing else.

1. When Mat told Mary what was in his cake.

2. When Luis told Mary what was in his doughnuts.

3. Here is this moment as a GIF, just for you.

4. When Tom told Mary about his gin drizzle cake.

5. Here is this moment as a GIF.

6. Bake Off is always about alcohol. Victoria Coren-Mitchell was once on the celeb version and made this.

7. In the next challenge she wore these. COINCIDENCE?

8. This year, Tom was tempted to use an entire bottle of kirsch into his showstopper because fuck it.

9. And you know what? When Paul tried Tom's showstopper later on he responded:

10. TOP TIP TO WIN BAKE OFF: Get them pissed.

11. Really, really pissed.

12. This cake by Mat contained SEVEN shots of gin. And what was Mary's critical response to it?

13. Although sometimes Mary does have her limits.

14. ANOTHER TIP: If you can't have booze in your bake, make sure you have it on the side, as a special treat.

15. And if that doesn't work, try buying them booze the night before instead.

16. So never forget. The Great British Bake Off without booze? Unthinkable. No. How dare you.


Tom's intention was to use a bottle of kirsch in his showstopper bake, but he changed his mind and used less. A previous version of this article said he used the entire bottle.