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    17 Times The Celebrities Were Awful At "Bake Off" And It Was Enjoyable As Hell

    And it made us appreciate how hard baking actually is to do properly.

    1. Nobody has a bloody clue what anything is.

    BBC / Love Productions

    2. Especially when it comes to making football pitches.

    BBC / Sport Relief Bake Off

    3. They also have ideas that haven't been thought of before and probably won't be thought of again.

    Sport Relief / Via

    4. They aren't bothered about measuring correctly.

    BBC / Comic Relief Bake Odff


    5. They really aren't good at measuring correctly.

    Bake Off / BBC

    They don’t measure the ingredients for you, Maddy.

    6. They aren't that good at preparing their food.

    BBC / Comic Relief


    7. Practising at home doesn't make any difference.

    Comic Relief / Love Productions

    8. Knowing how to use an oven? Not a problem.

    Comic Relief / Via

    9. Removing their bake from the tin? Not a problem.

    Comic Relief / Via

    10. But no worries, at least everything tastes OK.

    Sport Relief / Via

    11. And Paul and Mary are very complimentary.

    BBC / Sport Relief

    12. So long as you eat the right part of the cake.

    "Don't eat there because that is the top of my makeup mirror."

    13. Oh well. It could be worse.

    BBC / Sport Relief

    14. The people of Twitter are right. It does look a bit like Darth Vader's mask from The Force Awakens.

    Sport Relief Bake Off / Lucasfilm / Via

    15. But they are good at making up cakes that would get you absolutely shitfaced in three seconds.

    Sport Relief / Via

    16. Actually fuck the cakes, let's get drunk.

    Sport Relief / Via

    17. And fuck the consequences.

    Sport Relief / / Via

    (Victoria Coren Mitchell claims she's cutting onions but she's wearing glasses just after the Bloody Mary cupcakes so SURE, VICTORIA, SURE.)

    UPDATE: Victoria Coren did have many shots of vodka.

    The celebrities were on the show to raise money for Sport Relief. For more details visit

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