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    Scarlett Moffatt Really Is The Most Underrated Contributor On "Gogglebox"

    Leon and June are great, Silent Jay too...but Scarlett ALWAYS comes out on top.

    We all have our favourite people on Gogglebox.

    Whether it's the vicar who is always concerned, the posh drunk ones, or JAY <3.

    But have you ever noticed the amazing contributions from Scarlett Moffatt? She's SO underrated.

    1. Her opinion on The Voice is spot on.

    Although she did say this while a guy was singing.

    Note: George Michael isn't dead.

    2. And remember Wolf Hall? It all looked like this.

    She responded with this.

    3. Then there was the bit when Anne Boleyn was about to be executed, and Scarlett's mum said: "It's not a very nice day for it."

    4. She also made a good point when Gregg Wallace was performing Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" on Strictly.

    1,000% correct.

    5. She then followed it up with this.

    6. And she was pretty lyrical with her argument when Stevi Richie performed Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on The X Factor .

    7. This point she made when a medium was talking about ghosts on Educating Joey Essex is very true.

    8. She was also spot on about Jon Snow's bad experience taking skunk on Drugs Live.

    9. She can make any show funny. Take this.

    She said this about it.

    10. She also speaks the truth on many other subjects – like whether Gary Barlow will comment on or apologise over Take That's tax avoidance.

    11. She also said this about visiting London.

    12. When people on a Bear Grylls programme drank their own piss, she said that it really didn't matter.

    13. Although she sometimes gets stuff wrong, like when she said this during the Scottish referendum.

    14. And she manages to show how weird it must be to be in the same room as your parents when a sex scene is on.

    15. She's also the master of the Gogglebox close-up.

    Well done, Scarlett. NEVER CHANGE.