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22 Times We Reached Peak Guardian In 2015

"Help! Is my quinoa destroying the planet?"

1. When Charlotte Higgins' holiday was ruined.

2. When they were pissed off at a robin.

3. When they published this column.

4. When the "Blind Date" column had this as a headline.

5. And this headline.

6. When their liveblog of the hottest day of the year had to be temporarily abandoned because of the heat.

7. When they went overcado on this piece.

8. And tackled this middle-class dilemma.

9. When they were thrilled at a VAGINA STADIUM.

10. When they revolutionised KALE again.

11. When a readers suggested it for Valentine's.

A @guardian reader's suggestion for a greener Valentine's gift than red roses: Kale. Beyond parody

12. But warned us of its devastating consequences.

13. When they asked whether quinoa is EVIL.

14. This also happened.

V concerned for @guardiang2's @NosheenIqbal, hit with quinoa poisoning. Anyone else had this awful guardian disease?

15. They also said this about tea.

16. When they took a Twitter change personally.

17. When they did socks with sandals fashion.

18. When they linked Marxism and Game of Thrones.

19. When they linked kangaroo farts and climate change.

Kangaroo farts could have implications for farmers in climate change fight

20. When they were clearly going through a breakup.

21. When they issued this clarification about making toast.

Newspaper correction of the day c/o @guardian

22. And finally, this clarification about dwarfs.

Awesome correction in today's @guardian, to be filed under "why hyphens are important"