22 Times We Reached Peak Guardian In 2015

"Help! Is my quinoa destroying the planet?"

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3. When they published this column.

7. When they went overcado on this piece.

11. When a readers suggested it for Valentine's.

A @guardian reader's suggestion for a greener Valentine's gift than red roses: Kale. Beyond parody

14. This also happened.

V concerned for @guardiang2's @NosheenIqbal, hit with quinoa poisoning. Anyone else had this awful guardian disease? http://t.co/7ATA9rFiqV

19. When they linked kangaroo farts and climate change.

Kangaroo farts could have implications for farmers in climate change fight https://t.co/vA25xpkc1o

21. When they issued this clarification about making toast.

Newspaper correction of the day c/o @guardian

22. And finally, this clarification about dwarfs.

Awesome correction in today's @guardian, to be filed under "why hyphens are important"