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    A British TV Presenter Really, Really Started Shouting Trying To Interview Meghan Markle

    Alison Hammond from ITV's This Morning tried to get Meghan and Prince Harry's attention at the couple's first official outing. It had mixed success.

    So today Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on their first official walkabout following the announcement of their engagement on Tuesday.

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    ITV's Alison Hammond, from UK show This Morning, was in the crowd with members of the public and tried to go in for some quick unofficial interviews.

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    Now, Hammond isn't a royal reporter. She's mostly known for her celebrity interviews on the show, which can be really rather eventful (such as this interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, which went viral).

    Her interviews, or rather her attempts at the interviews, were really rather eventful.

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    Watch from three minutes in and you will see what I'm on about.

    After shouting his name on camera for a minute, she tried to ask a question to Prince Harry as he passed.

    ITV / This Morning / Via

    And he swerved.

    ITV / This Morning / Via

    Meghan, meanwhile, was on the other side of the road talking to well wishers, so Hammond decided to try different tactics to get her attention.

    ITV / This Morning / Via

    After getting the audience to shout her name, Hammond just started screaming "MEGS MEGS MEGS" over and over.

    "We now cross over to our Royal Correspondent, Alison Hammond."

    You might want to turn down your headphones.

    And the other presenters back in the studio were just a little bit stunned by her persistance.

    ITV / This Morning / Via

    But it worked. Hammond didn't ask a question, but Markle said that she was "thrilled to be here."

    ITV / This Morning / Via

    Viewers had mixed reactions about the "interviews". Some said they made fantastic television.

    My morning has actual been made by @thismorning 😂 Alison Hammond doing her best to grab an interview with the newly…

    While other viewers found it all embarrassing.

    @thismorning I love Alison Hammond but there’s a time and a place for her banter,Prince Harry and Megan’s first ro…

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