This Interview With Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling Is An Absolute Scream

    Harrison Ford shouting: "SHOW ME THE MONEY."

    This interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling by This Morning's Alison Hammond is so goddamn great, because junket interviews are not normally like this:

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    Before it even started it was amazing, with interviewer Alison Hammond giving Ryan Gosling a glass that was used in the original Blade Runner, before casually admitting this to them:

    She then formally started the interview with this joke.

    Ford then jabbed at Hammond: "This is not the introduction we were promised", as Gosling, sitting next to him, lost it.

    Hammond then tried to get the interview back on track by talking about the film, but then Gosling got a drink out from somewhere and started pouring it.

    Asked why, he said: "I feel this is where it's headed."

    Then she asked another question and there was another delightful twist when Ford responded.

    Hammond then made a joke out of Ford's answer, leading Ford to shout out this:

    Then Gosling was asked this question, it went a bit wrong again, and he offered to operate the cameras instead.

    This interview has got a lot of love online, with many people praising Hammond's interview style.

    this is the best interview i've ever seen

    @yahboyantman I already knew I wanted to hang out with Ford and Gosling, but I now know who else should be there.

    God bless you, This Morning.